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Transportation Discount (Ungdomskort)

Guide for foreign students enrolled at an AU study program under the Danish State Education Grant and Loans Scheme. 

For more information about the Grant and Loans Scheme, please see here.

These students may be eligible to receive a discount on transport. 

The following is relevant if you are enrolled as a full degree or exchange student at AU and you live outside Aarhus. 

If you have a Danish CPR number and a NemID, you can get the youth card (ungdomskort in Danish). Please follow these instructions: 

First, you should make sure to register with your Danish CPR number in the AU IT systems if you have not done so already. Please register here:

Then, you must be approved for the “youth card”. You will be approved by logging in with NemID on, where you choose your school (step 1).

Once you have been approved, you will be directed to the transport company’s self-service system, My Youth Card (Mit Ungdomskort) (step 2). Here you have to order and pay for your youth card. You get the card sent by mail approximately 14 days after you ordered it.

The rates of youth cards available on the following page:

Step by step:

  1. Login to with NemID
  2. Select place and confirm (step 1)
  3. Logon to My Youth Card (step 2) and order card

If you do not have a Danish CPR number, you can get a cash discount between your home and your university. Please follow these instructions: 

You can apply for cash discount via two forms, each filled out in two steps. First you will be approved to get a cash discount and then you can submit a form with your account information so that you can receive the cash discount. 

Step by step:

  1. Application Form: You must complete an application for the right cash rebates for transport. You must submit the form to your university. You will receive a letter with the answer as to whether you are entitled to discounts and over what period (a discount letter).
  2. Monthly Card (Periodekort): Once you have received your rebate letter, you must purchase your Monthly Card (Periodekort in Danish) at a Danish transport company at full price. The card may only cover the distance between your residence and your university. You can then receive a refund for the amount you paid in addition to user charges at the Danish Agency for Higher Education.
  3. Form: In order to get the discount paid, please complete the form Payment of transportation discount - when you do not have a Danish CPR number. You must submit the form at your university and attach a copy of your Monthly Card.
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