Salling Group Value Award

Salling Group Value Award

Nominate a fellow student for the Salling Group Value Award
Integrity. Passionate. Agile. Competitive. Efficient. These are the five core values at Salling Group. With the Value Award, Salling Group therefore wants to acknowledge students who have proven to be strong ambassadors for these values in their daily lives. The five values can find expression in student jobs, volunteer work, internships, exam projects, etc. 

Aside from the recognition, the recipient of the Salling Group Value Award 2018 will receive a grant of DKK 10,000. 

Click on the values below and see what Salling Group and Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni are looking for when they are to elect the recipient of the Salling Group Value Award.  

Be inspired - the five values


Do what you say you do.
Act in accordance with your values and build trust by acting with decency, responsibility, and honesty.

Which of your fellow students do you always trust to keep their promises and deadlines? 


Work passionately to achieve your goals and celebrate successes.
Strive to be better than yesterday – and the day before that. Celebrate your successes – not only as an individual, but also as part of a team. 

Which of your fellow students never give up striving to achieve your common goal as a team? 


Be excited about what you do and inspire others to do their best.
Try to become an expert within the area of your expertise and try to bring out the best in your fellow students.

Which of your fellow students is especially good at inspiring others to do their best, for example in connection with joint projects? 


Be focused and organized – identify the essential and leave out the rest.
Choose simplicity over complexity, and facts over feelings. Utilize each other’s skills and experience to deliver quality in time.

Which of your fellow students is especially efficient e.g. in always delivering quality on time?


Embrace changes, adapt quickly to new demands, and never stop learning.
Seek development in new challenges and tasks. Find solutions instead of pointing out problems. When you don’t succeed, use the experience to learn how to do better next time. 

Which of your fellow students is especially good at finding alternative solutions in situations where something does not work as you expected?

How to nominate

All students currently enrolled at Aarhus BSS can be nominated.
You nominate a fellow student by sending a nomination (max. 1500 characters with spaces) in English or Danish to: Application deadline is Thursday, 1 November 2018. 

In your nomination, you should emphasise how one or more of the five values are reflected in his/her daily life - you should provide concrete examples. 

Receiving the award - regulations

The award is given under the rules of Danish taxation. This means that the award is taxable and we, Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni, inform SKAT about the award.


If you have any questions, please contact Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni.

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