Writing a CV for the Danish job market

Your CV is the central part of your job applications. Often, recruiters only use a few moments to glance over the document. Therefore, it is crucial that all the relevant information is presented in a clear and structured way. CV styles are different from country to country – this workshop will teach you the Danish way of presenting yourself on paper.

11.01.2017 | Arts Karriere

Dato tir 25 apr
Tid 16:00 18:00
Sted Studenterhus Aarhus, Preben Hornungstuen

As an international student, finding an internship or job can prove to be a challenge. Cultural differences do not only show through language, but also through the way Danes behave and present themselves. In this workshop, you can learn which implications this has for job seeking and how to ultimately write a CV in "Danish style".

Have you been wondering whether to put a picture on your CV, if writing age is appropriate or how many pages you may spend on presenting yourself on paper? Learn about general structure and finer touches, and get individual feedback on your own CV.


  • 16.00-17.00: How to write the perfect CV / Pia Heil Rasmussen, CA
  • 17.00-18.00: Get feedback on your own CV / CA, Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni, Arts Karriere,                                         Studenterhus Aarhus

This event is held by Studenterhus Aarhus, BSS Career & Alumni and Arts Karriere.  


International Students at Arts and Aarhus BSS. Recent graduates are also welcome. 


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