New exchange students on a treasure hunt

The new exchange students for the spring semester of 2017 had an intro day at the Faculty of Arts on Friday 27 January, with a treasure hunt, sandwiches, soft drinks and Danish liquorice

31.01.2017 | Azra Mujacic

Photo: Azra Mujacic.

The new exchange students for the spring semester of 2017 have now had an intro week at Aarhus University, spending the last day at the Faculty of Arts.

Breaking the ice

The exchange students were welcomed by the international coordinators and informed about exam rules and procedures, after which they were invited to go on a treasure hunt in groups.

The treasure hunt took 45-60 minutes and included the cafeteria in the Nobel Park, the Study Centre Arts, Kasernen, Stakbogladen, Theo’s bar and much more. There were ten stations along the way, and the students had to answer a question at each station.

“We hope that the treasure hunt helped to break the ice between the new exchange students and to make them feel at home at the Faculty of Arts. And we hope they’ll remember the places they visited,” explains Lise Hansen, International Coordinator at Arts PhD and Internationalisation, Arts Administrative Centre.

This is a new way of organising an intro day for the exchange students at the Faculty of Arts.

“Usually we have about two hours with the students. First, they meet their international coordinator and then we all eat lunch together. This year we added a treasure hunt to the programme, which was a new way of showing them round the Faculty of Arts and Aarhus University,” explains Hansen.


Photo: Azra Mujacic.Brian Sheehy is from Ireland and is going to study history (Viking courses) and Eastern European history.

Aarhus University is big and has many different buildings. The staff are very good. After the few intro days, I don’t feel lost. The treasure hunt was a good way to get to know the area. The facilities speak for themselves – they are fantastic and new, nothing at all like back home. The climate and weather are the same as they are back home – that really hasn’t affected me much, but I’m definitely happy to be here, I can’t complain.

My first impression of Aarhus is that it’s lovely. It’s a nice community with nice people. Where I live there are 16 other Danes, and I’m the only Erasmus student, and everybody has been really warm and welcoming. The buildings in Aarhus are much bigger, nicer and more colourful. Everything so far has been good, definitely. I’m enjoying myself so far, so it’s all good.

Photo: Azra Mujacic.Valerie Van Schaik is from the Netherlands and is going to study various courses in anthropology.

My first impression of Aarhus University is that it’s big. I’m not used to big universities. I’m from a pretty small university, so that’s different, but it looks very open and people are very nice. We are getting a lot of help and everything is well organised.

I really like Aarhus. It’s quite similar to my hometown. It’s not that big and I really like the city centre with all those nice cafes. The people look so good, they are all well dressed and there’s a good atmosphere. It feels like a real student city, very young people and nice shops. It’s really nice that it’s next to the sea as well.

I’m really excited about spending a semester here!

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