Would you like to work with satellites?

This fall, students in engineering at Aarhus University will be offered the opportunity to be part of the Delphini-1 operation team (former AUSAT). We expect Delphini-1 to be delivered to the ISS between March and April 2018. Read more about how to apply.

09.06.2017 | Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen

In connection with Aarhus University’s first Cubesat, Delphini-1, we would like to invite you to be part of the 2nd workshop (course) which will cover satellite operations, satellite and payload software and designing a research project that can be carried out with Delphini-1 (former AUSAT). With this workshop we will give 25 students from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Engineering and Geosciences the opportunity to be part of the Delphini-1 operation team. We expect to start the workshop around week 43. 

We hope you will stay with the team throughout the mission, however, this is not a requirement. We expect Delphini-1 to be delivered to the ISS between March and April 2018. The satellite will be deployed within three months, depending on the astronauts’ schedule. For your efforts you can earn 5 ECTS points as a course, but you can also sign up just for fun. You can find more information about the project here: ausat.au.dk

The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday July 5 at 12.00 p.m.  Shortly after, you will know if your new career in space has started. You can apply if you are enrolled at Aarhus University in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the Department of Engineering or in the Department of Geoscience, and if you are a 3rd year Bachelor's student or upwards. 

We will have an information meeting on Friday 23 June at 14.00 in the Physics Auditorium (1523-318).

We invite all qualified students to apply.

We hope to see you,

Victoria Antoci, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Hans Kjeldsen, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Rune H. Jacobsen, Dept. of Engineering

Christoffer Karoff, Dept. of Geoscience

Bo H. Jacobsen, Dept. of Geoscience

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