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Bliv instruktor


Department of Computer Science is looking for teaching assistants (TA’s, “instruktorer”) for courses in the fall 2018. If you are interested please apply via this web service

https://services.brics.dk/java/gonzales/#/vote/CS/115/3fbe6e8b13d468d0  (select employment category ”MSc/BSc student”)

  • SELECT a priority for the courses for which you want to apply for a teaching assistantship. Select ”1” (highest priority) for the course(s) that you would most prefer to tutor.           
  • You can withdraw an application by changing the priority to ”0”.
  • You boost your chances of getting a TA-job by applying for several courses.  We expect to employ many TA’s (apart from PhD students) in the fall, so we appreciate your application!

Formalities regarding the TA-jobs may be found here (in Danish) http://cs.au.dk/~gudmund/instruktoropslagE2018.html

 DEADLINE: 15 June 2018


  • Introduction to Programming
  • Foundations of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering and Architecture
  • Compilation
  • Distributed Systems and Security
  • Physical Computing
  • Introduction to Human-computer Interaction
  • Building the Internet of Things with P2P and Cloud Computing
  • Computational Geometry: Theory and Experimentation
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Functional Programming
  • Sketching and Physical Prototyping(*)
  • Design as Products, Services, Systems and Experiences(*)
  • Shape-changing Objects and Spaces(*)

Teaching assistant positions in courses marked (*) are offered by the Department of Engineering

In general please consult the course catalogue http://kursuskatalog.au.dk/en/?year=2018&department=15&period=2 for information about the courses. Below some teachers have provided more information about what experience/knowledge is required from a TA. You are welcome to contact the individual teachers for additional information.

Course specific requirements for TA's

Introduction to programming

Teacher: Kurt Jensen

  • Good knowledge of Java and object oriented programming
  • Command of Danish Language

Foundations of Algorithms and Data Structures

Teacher: Gerth Stølting Brodal

Machine Learning

Teacher: Allan Grønlund

Software Engineering and Architecture

Teacher: Henrik Bærbak Christensen

For teaching assistants in SWEA that has not previously taken the SWEA course I have the following requirements 

Mandatory skill (as this is a course with strong emphasis on operational skills = “doing stuff”)

  • Strong Java programming skills (strong emphasis on actual programing experience for somewhat larger projects over ‘knowing all the language constructs in Java from toy programs’) 
  • Strong design pattern skills (emphasis on actual having used the patterns in actual projects over ‘having read them in the book and tried the example program’)
  • Strong skills in test-driven programming (strong emphasis on actually having developed projects in a test-driven way over ‘having read the book by Kent Beck’)
  • Skills in development environments and build/configuration management (notably Gradle, Git and IntelliJ)
  • Skill in systematic testing (equivalence partitioning)
  • Skills in being a friendly and helpful TA that knows your job is to support, help and encourage :-)

All TA’s are required to do the programming aspects of the mandatory project in advance!

Nice to have skills:

  • Experience from Industrial software development
  • Experience in applied software engineering in general
  • Experience in testing and systematic testing


Teacher: Aslan Askarov

Distributed Systems and Security

Teacher: Jesper Buus Nielsen

  • Preferably the TA is familiar with the language Go

Physical Computing

Teacher: Eve Hoggan

 the TA should have experience in 1 or more of the following:

  • Building micro controller boards from scratch
  • Rhino
  • Eagle
  • 3D Printing
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