Deans Challenge 2015

The 2015 Deans challenge final

07/12 - Friday the 4th of December, the three winners of Dean's Challenge 2015 were found and awarded.

In a spectacular and intense final, a total of eight teams presented and defended their solutions to a jury consisting of the Dean and company experts from Grundfos, Novo Nordisk and Arla Foods. The winners of the Food Challenge were Team ReCulture consisting of:

  • Rasmus Peter Thomsen, Ph.D.-student at iNANO, AU
  • Jeppe Dehli Ph.D.-student at iNANO, AU


For their solution of using fermentation cultures to turn old milk into high quality sour dairy products such as yogurt or sour cream at home.

The winners of the Energy/Climate Challenge were Team Go consisting of:

  • Frederik Thorning Frederiksen, Bsc.stud at Chemistry, AU
  • Bjarke Aleksander Kappel Hübschmann, Bsc.stud at Chemistry, AU 

For their solution on turning sea water into safe water using a three-membrane filtration system built upon activated carbon, crown-ethers and graphene oxide.

The winners of the Health Technology Challenge were Team Stress consisting of:

  • Marie Cecilie Vinther, Bsc.stud at Molecular Biology, AU
  • Vincente Kenrice Klehr, Bsc.stud at Medialogy, AAU


For their solution on monitoring long term stress using a urine cortisol sensor.

See the photo-album from the grand final here.

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