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Studiekontorer til specialestuderende

A number of individual student offices are available for Master’s thesis students enrolled at the Department of Economics and Business Economics. The work spaces are only given to OECON, FIN, SOC, AUD, FIB, LOG, BI, and IEC students who are writing their thesis (speciale), and proof that you are writing your thesis (studieunderskrift el. karakterudskrift med ECTS) must be attached the application.

Priority will be given to students in a social or personal situation which is somehow limiting to their study activity, e.g., children or illnesses. In case of illness, a medical certificate (lægeerklæring) must be attached the application.

Fall (01.06 – 01.12)

  • Application deadline: May 15th
  • Application answer: June 1st

Spring (01.12 – 01.06)

  • Application deadline: November 15th
  • Application answer: December 1st

For further information about the thesis work spaces, please go to the Blackboard page:

BSS_ECON_Thesis Work Space (Specialelæseplads)

Or contact Administrative Coordinator, Thomas Stephansen, email: tstephansen@econ.au.dk

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