Case competitions

Interested in case competitions?

Case competitions give students the possibility of challenging themselves, improving their teamwork skills, understanding real life business cases and enhancing their creativity.  

What is a case competition?

  • Case competitions come in various forms but what they all have in common is the fact that students get the chance to solve real life business problems.
  • Some case competitions last only a couple of hours while others are spread across days. You need to participate in teams, and it is important that the team poses different skills and talents.
  • If your team's solution is among the best, you will often get to present it in front of judges, which can be older students, consultants, industry specialists, professors or the like.
  • In most case competitions the winning team will get a prize, which can be either cash, gifts or unique opportunities to work with a given company.
  • Most university based case competitions are large events with dinners, speakers and cultural inputs, which all are great opportunities of broadening your intellectual horizon and increasing your professional and social network.

Why participate in case competitions?

It is never too early to start practicing your business skills, and case competitions work as great opportunities to do so. Even if you are on your first semester, you can still contribute to the case solving process with creativity, slide-making skills, general business logic and being a good presenter.

What is special about international case competitions?

Participating in international case competitions often demands more administrative work in the form of scheduling practice before going abroad, putting together the right team members, handling travel expenses and ensuring support from your home university.

Aarhus BSS International Case Teams will help all team members with this process and make sure that you will have more time to advance your case solving skills and get the best possible outcome of participating in international case competitions.

Relevant case competitions this year (updated regularly)

ICBC Case Competition

Date: January 17 - 19, 2019

The Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (I.C.B.C.) is Canada’s oldest and longest-running undergraduate business case competition, featuring eight different competitive events in which students can compete. These events are Accounting, Business Policy, Ethics, Debating, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Management of Information Systems. The competition is held annually in Kingston, Ontario in early January and hosts over 100 competitors from the top business schools across Canada as well as the globe.

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IIBD Case Competition

Date: November 9, 2018

Application: Deadline has expired 

IIBD International Case Competition is a competition for IIBD member and non-member universities worldwide. The purpose of IIBD International Case Competition is to strengthen internationalisation through the enhancement of student and faculty networks, both social as well as professional. The Competition highlights the strategic challenges and managerial dilemmas faced by global business leaders. Students have to work under pressure to solve a real world business problem, such as time-critical deadlines and incomplete information, to formulate workable, action-oriented recommendations.  It is a test of students’ creativity and problem-solving ability.  These students, tomorrow’s business leaders, will be better prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.

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Creative Shock

Apply before 7 October 2018

Students’ Association of ISM University of Management and Economics from Lithuania invites you to participate in the social business case competition Creative Shock, where you could win 2000 euros and a round-trip flight to any destination in the world.

Creative Shock attracts youth from all over the world to educate them about the concept of social business, its implementation, and impact. Participants have to solve two social business cases in the preliminary rounds. The best 10 teams gather in Vilnius, Lithuania to solve the two final cases. They will be competing for the Grand Prize - 2000 euros and Turkish Airlines tickets to any country of their choosing.

By participating in Creative Shock, students are able to apply their business management, marketing, and creativity skills and widen their knowledge about social business. In addition, this is a possibility to gain international experience as well as see the impact of their work, as two out of four cases are real-life problems.

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InnovateFood Case Competition

Date: November 13-15, 2018

In a complex world with a growing population and new health concerns, the food and agriculture industry is facing many challenges and opportunities that demand innovation and new thinking. InnovateFood provides a platform for finding some of the answers InnovateFood is an innovation conference that will take place in Aarhus, Denmark from 13 to 15 November 2018. The core of the conference is the InnovateFood Challenge, which will tackle the increasing demand for better and healthy food. The overall theme is industry 4.0.

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Where to get help?

Aarhus BSS International Case Teams

If you are interested in case competition and you want to be amongst top case-solvers, then reach out to Aarhus BSS International Case Teams. Their mission is to prepare students at Aarhus BSS for especially international case competitions and thereby connect study life in Aarhus with real life case solving experience gained from all over the world.

The organization is founded in 2018 and driven by students with the purpose to prepare students at Aarhus BSS for participation in case competitions across the world with the aim of utilizing the knowledge gained at Aarhus BSS while strengthening their professional network and creating new memories.

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