Student Counselling Service

There may be all sorts of reasons why students suddenly feel unable to cope with their studies. A study programme is not just an academic, but also a personal development process. Sometimes, personal crises due to illness, loneliness, a death in the family or other circumstances may get in the way of concentrating sufficiently on your reading and written assignments. 

The Student Counselling Service offers personal guidance which focuses on the problems which you are having in your life. You may be weighed down by grief or you may be feeling unhappy. If you have been feeling low for a long time, we can find out whether this is a sign of depression, and help you handle it. Perhaps you are feeling anxious about particular things/situations. For example, some students suffer from extreme exam or performance anxiety. They may feel sick at the prospect of speaking in front of a large group of people or handing in papers which are not absolutely perfect in every way.

The Student Counselling Service can help you handle any mental problems which may be preventing you from enjoying life as a student. You can either have a meeting with one of the counsellors or contact them by phone. Both types of counselling can be anonymous, and all matters discussed with the counsellors are held in strict confidence. Individual counselling is always available, and in some cases we may offer group counselling. The Student Counselling Service team is made up of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers with psychotherapeutic training. They all have considerable theoretical knowledge on which they can draw as well as experience from advising young people. 

There is nothing shameful about running into psychological problems during your studies. The counselling service is there to help you address whatever personal challenges you may be facing.



  • Are you feeling depressed? / Do you often feel unhappy?
  • Do you feel anxious? / Do you suffer from panic attacks?
  • Are you having problems concentrating?
  • Have you been seriously ill?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem, and is it affecting your studies?
  • Do you suffer from performance anxiety?
  • Do you suffer from exam anxiety? / Do you feel terrified every time you have to sit an exam?
  • Are you very nervous when having to speak in front of a group of people?
  • Are you too scared to say anything in classes?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you suffer from a social phobia? / Are you afraid of being in a room with lots of other people?


Student Counselling Service
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Phone: (+45) 70 26 75 00
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