About to graduate? 3 things to remember

When you have graduated from Aarhus BSS, we wish you all the best on your way ahead, but we have gathered 3 things that are important for you to remember after your graduation.  

It is your success, that you have completed your education 

It is important, that you remind yourself of the personal victory it is, that you have reached your goal and completed your years of education at Aarhus BSS. The victory in itself is a great motivation for you to strive for new goals in the future. 

Gain economic safety and sparring from a trade union and unemployment insurance fund

Even if you do not find a job directly after you have completed your education, there is no need to despair. 
If you sign up at an unemployment insurance fund before 2 weeks after your last exam, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits one month after your graduation. This gives you economic safety while searching for a job. 

If your sign up in at an unemployment insurance fund at least one year before you completed your education, you will avoid the so-called ‘Karensmåned’, which means that you already entitled to receive your unemployment benefits the day after you have passed your last passed exam. 

Keep your knowledge up to date when graduating from Aarhus BSS

Our Alumni network at Aarhus BSS is for all students and graduates from Aarhus BSS. Stay in contact and maintain your knowledge through events, podcasts, and articles about the latest research. It is free to become a member.

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