At CompanyDATING, you have a unique opportunity to meet many different companies and be inspired to potential collaboration opportunities with the corporate industry. It is an opportunity to hear more about specific student jobs, project collaboration, internships, full-time jobs and graduate programs.

We are dating again:

Date: 27 February 2020
Place: Fuglesangs Allé 4 - building 2610/S
Time: 15:00 - 18:00

How does CompanyDATING work?

You can meet approx. 40 companies. CompanyDATING starts at 04:00 PM and you will then have the opportunity to meet the companies you find interesting - and maybe get to know companies you did not know in advance. Here you can learn more about the companies, ask questions and talk about the specific positions the companies bring to the event.

How can you prepare for CompanyDATING?

  • We hold several preparatory courses / workshops in the weeks prior to CompanyDATING. Keep informed in the event overview.
  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, so you are ready, if you see some exciting opportunities. Please note that many companies do not accept CV during the day but instead they will prefer you to apply online. This is because corporate recruitment processes often are extensive and they do not have the resources to handle CV manually.
  • At the end of August, participating companies will be published and you will be able to see what specific positions they will bring. Follow Aarhus BSS Career on Facebook for updates.
  • Read about the companies and prepare questions for the ones you want to talk to.
  • Do you need individual career counseling, you can book an appointment here.
What can you expect from CompanyDATING?
CompanyDATING - What are the companies saying?