Job Shadow

As a master student, you now have the opportunity to experience a regular workday in an interesting company. You will get a unique opportunity to shadow an employee and get insight into what a specific job function involves and requires.

You participate as a fly on the wall and get some inspiration to your future work life. All this can help you to make the right choices regarding future career options, and at the same time it is a good opportunity to create a network.

Obs! Job Shadow is only for master students.

Here are the companies you can visit.

NB: A new version of Job Shadow is expected to be ready for the autumn of 2018.

How do we match you?

After the deadline, we match the students with alumni and other employees who have signed up for the project. We are doing our best to ensure that everybody will have their highest possible prioritization fulfilled, to ensure that both parts get the most out of Job Shadow. When we have matched you with the company representative, we will send you both an e-mail containing important information and the contact details of each other.  

Time schedule for Job Shadow spring 2017

The sign-up for students is in the period from 6 March to 20 March 2017. Between 3 April and 5 April we will send the match mail.

Job Shadow days: 17 April – 28 April (notice: it is only one day)

Statistic from Job Shadow 2015

Statistic from Job Shadow 2015: How relevant was it for you to participate in Job Shadow?

Do you wanna know more?

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding Job Shadow.