7 things to know after graduation

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve made it this far in your educational journey? Now that you’ve reached an important crossroad in your life - either a bachelor or a master degree, it’s nice to have a little advice to help keep you moving in the right direction. This is exactly why we created this virtual infocenter - to ensure that all of your hard work will now pay dividends in the form of an enjoyable job and prosperous career.

Sure, there are more things you need to know after graduation, but we’ve managed to distill the most important ones - the ones that matter right now - down to a set of 7.

Wishing you the very best,
Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni and Aarhus BSS Executive

1. Use your network

Congrats and welcome to the BSS' Alumni Network.

The Alumni network connects you with more than 20,000 alumni and current students from over 1,000 companies. Discover how they can help with your first job and so much more. The network is for current students and alumni.

Making the leap from a student to a young professional is challenging. Fortunately you're not the first to travel down this road, so we help by connecting you with fellow alumni who give you the support, advice and contacts that may help you land and succeed in your first job.

Aarhus BSS Alumni also helps you stay connected to your education, keeping you up to speed on the latest news, events and resources you'll need after graduation. Best of all, it's absolutely free. 

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"Talk with someone who works for the company where you're applying. It's a good way to prepare and will allow you to be more precise and reflective during the application and interview."

Line Hildebrandt Smith (MSc, 08), Business Development Manager, Arla Foods


2. Get a job

After graduating from Aarhus University, your career path is wide open. Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni offers a range of career services to help you get your first job after graduation, student jobs, internships etc.

Get individual counseling, CV checkups, join our events and meet potential employers, find jobs in the AU Job- & Project Bank, and much more. Stop by Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni and have a talk!

Fuglesangs Allé 4, building 2610/S, 4th floor, office 444

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You might already have a fixed career plan – or need help creating one. Either way, Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni is here to help you with knowledge about the job market and how to reach potential employers.

3. Find help

Need specific career advice, company insight or industry know-how? Aarhus BSS' alumni possess a unique knowledge in their area and can advise you on everything from certain industries and the labor market to career opportunities and the culture of a foreign country

What's it like to work in LEGO, what's the best way to find a job in Germany, or what's the good, bad and ugly of the consulting industry? These are just a few of the things you need to know to make better career decisions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of alumni from Aarhus BSS who know the answers and are willing to share their knowledge with you. All you have to do is ask. Find and connect with alumni on the following LinkedIn pages: 

"Don’t be afraid to show your personality during an interview. Show that you’re passionate about your field of study and are excited to apply it to practice."
Nina Faurby (MA, 11), Communications Consultant, RelationsPeople

4. Get covered

After graduation it’s important to consider joining an A-kasse (unemployment fund). A membership gives you many financial benefits, including unemployment compensation and career services.

Remember to join an A-kasse within 2 weeks after your final exams/thesis defense in order to receive unemployment benefits. This qualifies you to receive DKK 13.489 a month (2019 prices) one month after your graduation, giving you financial security while looking for jobs.

Membership of an A-kasse is not mandatory.
You can be a member of an A-kasse or a union – or both.

Aarhus BSS Career works closely with CA a-kasse and Akademikernes a-kasse.  

5. Join a union

After graduation it’s important to consider joining a union, which might help you stand stronger academically and financially (especially for Master graduates). 

Unions help ensure that you get the right salary and best working conditions. Besides legal services, a union can also help with job hunting, salary, contracts, career development, maternity/paternity leave etc.

Membership of a union is not mandatory. You can be a member of an a-kasse or a union – or both.

Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni works closely with Djøf and Lederne.  

6. Never stop learning

You think it's finally over? Your learninghas only just begun. Learning comes in many shapes and sizes, and your learning journey is about to change. But the journey has really just begun, and as your need for new knowledge continues to grow, AU will look forward to welcoming you back.

AU offers a wide range of continuing education programmes, that will keep you at the forefront of your academic field and strengthen your career. From intensive brush-up courses to two-year MBA-programmes, you’ll find the knowledge you need every step of the way and become part of a valuable network of likeminded professionals.

Learn more about continuing education here

7. Enjoy the rewards

Now that the endless reading, early morning lectures and late night studying have paid off - be proud and be bold.

Earning a degree from one of the world's top 100 universities and internationally accredited business school is not an easy feat and something to be extremely proud of. Your degree gives you the academic foundation to go into this world and make the changes you've always wanted to make. Your degree is a ticket to exciting career opportunities that you've always dreamed of. So be proud and be bold and most important, remember to give yourself a big pat on the back. You earned it.

Try different job paths. I used my network, applied for jobs within my profession, and I was flexible towards the type of job. In other words, I didn’t just aim for the “dream job”.
Astrid Gade, Psychologist (MSc, 11), PPR Copenhagen Municipality