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Aarhus University has more than 900 agreements with universities all over the world.

This gives AU students the unique possibility of going on exchange and studying in another country.

When searching for a host institution, you should consider how the study period abroad will fit into your plans for the future:

  • Geography: Many choose their host institution according to geography, but you should also keep in mind that knowledge of a smaller country may come in handy in a future job. While Hawaii and Australia seem appealing to many applicants, many exciting destinations and excellent institutions can be found in Asia and throughout Europe.
  • Language: Not only which language you speak but which language you would like to practice/learn. Consider taking courses in English in a non-English speaking country, for example in Eastern Europe, the Benelux countries or Asia.
  • Profile: You may consider how the academic profile and/or the courses of a host institution will look in a future job application. Some host institutions may have a strong research profile within a very specific area which may be exactly what you are interested in.

Find information about AU's partner universities in the database AU GO. AU GO shows only the universities that are relevant to the degree programme on which you are enrolled.

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