2020 Destinations

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courses on heavy metal, Chinese legislation, bioinformatics, big data, Asian film screening or..?

The list of destinations is not confirmed yet, but below are the universities we expect to be able to send student to in 2021. Sign up here to receive the final list once ready (expected to be December or January). 


University of Eastern Finland

University of Eastern Finland offers a summer school where students will participate in an innovative and international learning environment. Moreover, students will get the opportunity to create new networks with fellow students from all over the world, while enjoying the finish summer in beautiful surroundings.  

When you apply for this university, you are automatically considered for a Nordlys scholarship. The scholarship is 70 EUR per week + 330 EUR to cover travel expenses. If more applicants than seats for the university, the scholarship will be granted based on GPA. Only applicants with a pre-approval will be considered for the scholarship.

University of Tampere

Tampere Summer School is organized by the University of Tampere. Tampere Summer School offers inspiring courses covering various academic fields. Moreover, all students are invited to become part of their social programme that offers various social events. 

When you apply for this university, you are automatically considered for a Nordlys scholarship. The scholarship is 70 EUR per week + 330 EUR to cover travel expenses. If more applicants than seats for the university, the scholarship will be granted based on GPA. Only applicants with a pre-approval will be considered for the scholarship.

Europe - others

LUISS (Rome)

LUISS is an independent university located in Rome. It offers an innovative and sophisticated study environment and various courses from different academic fields. As a student you get the opporunity to study while enjoying the warm summer in the capital of Italy that also offers many cultural experiences. 

Utrecth University

At Utrecht Summer School students will be able to choose from more than 200 courses within different academic fields. The students get the opportunity to boraden their horizon with a summer course in an inspiring international environment. Moreover, Utrecht offers various cultural and social experiences throughout the summer. 

King's College (London)

As a student you have the opportunity to study at King's College in London for the summer. King's College is one of the world's leading universitites. At King's College students can immerse themselves in British culture and higher education through research-led teaching and make friends from all over the world. 

Humboldt (Berlin) Summer University and Summer Internship options

Humboldt University is Berlin's oldest university and one of the leading higher educational institutions in Germany. Humboldt Summer University offers various courses which gives students the opportunity to explore the university, the city and its inhabitants. Moreover, Berlin is a historical and unique city with many cultural offerings.   

In 2021 we also have the option to send four AU students to research internships at Humboldt. 

Please note that there is an early deadline for these internships (December 5th) and that you can apply directly to Humboldt. There is a fee of 200 Euros for a 12 week internship. Read more below. 


Humboldt Internship Program

Humboldt Internship Program is an international short-term program for subject-specific, experiential learning on a high level. It allows participants to engage with teams in research projects at Humboldt-Universität and university-related start-ups for three months.

Eligible for application are advanced undergraduate students (at least 2nd year), graduate students and PhD candidates. Good knowledge of the respective academic subject area and high motivation to work in teams are required. 

Program sessions and dates:

Summer Term Internship

Three time-slots are available:

·         May 10 – July 30

·         May 24 – August 13

·         June 07 – August 27

Application Deadline: 05 December 2020

Webpage: hic.hu-berlin.de/hip

Contact: internship.program@hu-berlin.de


Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University in Japan offers about 150 summer courses that cover most of the academic subjects at the university. Hokkaido University makes it possible for students to broaden their academic horizon as well as develop their skills within different academic fields. Furthermore students are able to enjoy the Japanese summer.

We have received this advice from Hokkaido: 

"With regards to your information of schedule, we would like to inform you that the conditions between Early Application (1st Application) in February and other applications are different. All courses are available to apply on the Early Application, but available courses are limited on the other application periods. Please refer to the “5. Application Period” and “Available course list for each application period” on the Application Guidelines webpage below.


Furthermore, only during the Early Application period in February is available to apply a place at a Hokkaido University (HU) student dormitory. Please refer to the Accommodations / Campus Facilities wabpage below.


Under above conditions, we would like to inform you that it is possible for students to apply on the Early Application period in February and to withdraw their applications if they are not norminated after your internal procedures." 

We therefore highly recommend to follow this advice and apply directly to Hokkaido before you apply to us and before you have the pre-approval in order to have access to all their courses and their housing service.  

Nordic Centre India

Nordic Centre in India is an association of leading universities and research institutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Nordic Centre in India facilitates collaboration within research and higher level education between the nordic countries and India and offers various summer courses within different fields that all take place in India.

Fudan Nordic Centre

Fudan Nordic Centre is located in Shanghai and drives and facilitates collaboration between researchers and students in the five Nordic countries and China. It is one of the best universities in China and offers summer courses within different disciplines. Furthermore, students get to spend a summer in Shanghai and to get close to a different and interesting culture.

Fudan International Summer Session

Fudan University International Summer Session offers 4 weeks of teaching as well as a cultural exeprience over the summer to students from all over the world. Here students get a chance to get to know China better, to discover Shanghai and to become part of an international network.

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is one of the best universities in the world. It gives students the possibility of being part of an academically inspiring environment where focus is on cultural as well as social experiences. Furthermore, NTU offers summer courses within a wide range of academic disciplines.

SMU (Singapore)

Singapore Management University (SMU) is a university with focus on management, social science and technology. With focus on innovation, SMU offers various learning possibilities to students from all over the world as well as insight into Asian culture and the possibility of forming intercultural friendships.