How to apply

Step 1: Where do you want to go?

Start by finding your dream destination from the list of possible places. Depending on what you study, you may have to compromise your geographic preferences, since not all our partner universities offer courses for all AU students. However, between all the destinations we are pretty sure that there will be courses that are relevant for you, regardless of your AU study programme.

Spend some time researching the courses offered at the different universities and find a few that looks interesting academically and/or geographically. You can prioritize as many universities as you wish, but please consider that there should be a match between your academic and geopgraphic interests before you apply for a university. You can find the list of universities here.  

Step 2: Apply for the pre-approval

When you have found out where you want to go and which courses you wish to take there. It’s time to apply for a pre-approval. A pre-approval is when your board of studies decides that you may take a specific course at another institution and have it replaced with a courses that you would have otherwise taken at AU (usually it’s elective courses but it may also be mandatory specific courses in your study programme).

We need this in order to make sure that you can get a credit transfer after you have passed the exam at the host university, which is why it is a requirement in order to get a spot.

You must apply for the pre-approval at self-service. You can find the application form under applications in the lower right corner and again under application for study councils you must click “preliminary approval for courses outside AU”.

In the In which degree programme do you wish to enroll in a course? You can write summer school.

Usually the study council will need an elaborate course description for the course(s) you wish to have approved in the Upload and attach documentation field and you should be able to find these on the website of the host university at this point.

There can be a processing time for up to a few weeks depending on your study council and it can be frustrating to wait for it, especially when we get close to the 15th of March, 

You can however apply for the seat if you don’t get the pre-approval before March 15th and then send it in later on. But applicants with a pre-approval on the 15th of March will be prioritized.  

Some students are not able to get a pre-approval before march 15th, due to circumstances outside their control – such as e.g partner universities who does not have available literature lists before closer to course start or due to the lack of elaborate course syllabus at this point. Also due to the different procedures at the different faculties, we have come to realize that not all students have equal acces to getting a pre-approval on equal terms with. So, in case you do not have a pre-approval before March 15th, you will not be disfavored.

We will allocate the seats based on GPA and an assessment of the likelihood that you can get credits at the respective university with your AU background.

So, before March 15th you can upload either one of these three documents

a)       A pre-approval

b)       A receipt that you have applied for a pre-approval

c)       This intended course selection form, if you are not able to apply for a pre-approval in due time

All applicants with either one of these documents in their application will be considered equally and allocated based on GPA and the expected likelihood of you getting a pre-approval (if you don’t have one by March 15th).

Step 3: Apply to AU before March 15th

Once you have found out where you want to go, it’s time to apply for the seat. But remember, it’s not first come-first served, so use the time you need to find some interesting places and courses, apply for the pre-approval and then apply for the seat before March 15th, regardless if you have pre-approval or not.

Once you know what university/ies you wish to apply to you can apply online in our application system.

Create a user and then select Aarhus University student as your student type, and choose the universities you want to apply for. All the universities will start with “summerschool abroad:” followed by the university name, so if you write summerschool abroad in the search field they will all come up.

In this section you can only add two universities to your application, but in step 6/7 in the other information text field you can manually write more priorities if you have more than two.

All the universities are created as BA level and 5 ects credits and with the dates 1/7-1/9. This does not mean that you cannot take 10 ects or MA level nor are the dates necessarily accurate for that university.

It is however due to a technicality in the application system, so please ignore this and rely on the information on the host university’s homepage.

If you don’t get the pre-approval before March 15th, you can still apply and then send in the approval later. In this case you need to upload a screenshot of your application for pre-approval or the e-mail receipt if you have it.  

Step 4. Apply to host university

After March 15th you will get an answer to your application. After that we will nominate you to the host university and they will in most cases contact you also. It will then be your own responsibility to apply directly to the host university and follow their deadlines. But we will make sure to inform you about any deadlines. 

Step 5. Get ready!

You should wait with booking your flights and pay for accommodation until you have a confirmation from the host university and a formal acceptance letter/notification. Even though we nominate you it’s not a guarantee that you can get into a specific course, they may overbook or get cancelled and in such case it would be a pity to have flights and accommodation sorted out.

But, once you have been accepted to the host university it’s time to get ready! Follow the instruction from the host university and prepare for an amazing and intense summer full of learning and new experiences!