Residence Document/Permit and CPR

Depending on your nationality, you need to apply for a permit (non-EU students) or a residence document (for EU students) for the duration of your stay in Aarhus. Nordic citizens do not need to apply for residence permit/certificate. Non-EU students must apply for a residence permit before arriving to Aarhus.

Please note that it is a condition for the residence permit/certificate that you are active and enrolled in an educational programme

In addition, after you have obtained your residence permit or document, you must apply for your Danish social security number (CPR). All students regardless of their nationality must apply for CPR. Nordic citizens, however, only have to apply if staying in Denmark for more than six months. 

The CPR number is used when dealing with public authorities, health authorities, libraries, banks and the like. The CPR number is issued at the Citizen Service (Borgerservice). The card with your CPR number is also referred to as your health insurance card or ’yellow card’. If you need medical attention before you receive your CPR number, please contact the IC or the emergency room.

See our guide on how to apply for Danish CPR and residence document. 

Checklist for required documents to apply for CPR.

If you are staying in Denmark for less than three months, please notify the International Centre.