Health Insurance

If you plan to stay in Denmark for less than three months, you should purchase private health insurance to cover any medical treatment that you might require during your stay.

If you are staying for longer than three months, you will be covered by The Danish Health Security Act once you have been assigned your personal registration (CPR) number. You will receive a yellow Health Insurance Card, showing your name, address and CPR number. This card gives you access to free medical treatment in clinics and hospitals.

This health insurance does not, however, cover the costs of medical evacuation back to your home country, emergency repatriation or personal liability. For this reason, AU strongly encourages you to purchase travel insurance so that you are covered for these situations as well as during your travel to Denmark.


You are automatically covered by the Danish Health Security Act.


You should get your European Health Insurance Card from your local authority before travelling to Denmark. This card is proof that you are entitled to health insurance in your home country. Above all, it gives you access to free medical care in Denmark until you are covered by Danish Health Insurance.

To be covered by the Danish Health Security Act, you must have received your CPR number.


As an international student from a non-EU/EEA country, you will be covered by Danish Health Insurance as soon as you receive your CPR number from the Borgerservice - the municipality’s citizens service. You have the option to register and apply for a CPR number during AU Intro Days, or in person at Borgerservice when you arrive in Denmark.

Other Insurance

Regardless of the duration of your stay, it is your responsibility to insure yourself and your belongings while you are staying in Denmark. Aarhus University does not cover any losses that may occur.

We highly recommend that you take out the following insurance policies either before or immediately after arriving in Denmark. Make sure that you carefully read and understand what you insurance covers.

  • Third-party insurance/liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring): this insurance is a must! It covers you in cases where you may have to pay in compensation to another person.
  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring): this insurance covers the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Content or Home insurance (indboforsikring): This type of insurance covers you and your personal belongings in cases of loss, damage, re-housing due to water or fire damage, as well as the costs associated with changing the locks if you lose your key, etc.