Living in Aarhus

Aarhus is a city of growth and with a population of more than 300,000, Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city. It has all the advantages and resources of a big city while keeping to a manageable size, and consequently everything in Aarhus is within biking distance.

Aarhus is at heart, however, also Denmark’s youngest city when you consider the average age of its inhabitants which is far lower than anywhere else in the country. At Aarhus University alone there are nearly 35,000 students. This gives the city a young and exciting vibrancy of its very own. This is clearly evident along the canal in the city centre, where the student population today frequents the many cafés and restaurants packed tightly along the canal. But Aarhus is also a city with clearly visible roots, founded, as it was, by the Vikings in the 8th century.

Aarhus has many nature experiences to offer. The city is located on the waterfront and you are never far from beautiful beaches or tranquil forests. In the summer, the sandy beaches near the city centre are perfect for enjoying the sun and taking a swim in the sea. So if you like water sports and beach activities there are a wide range of possibilities for you in Aarhus. You can also enjoy a time-out in one of the city's green parks, or take a walk in the Risskov and Marselisborg forests situated near the city centre.


There is always something to do in Aarhus and the city offers a variety of cultural experiences. 

Each year the town hosts several festivals and concerts including Aarhus International Jazz Festival in July and Aarhus Festuge in September - the latter being the largest themed festival in Scandinavia.

For a complete overview of the activities and events in Aarhus, visit the official Aarhus website at


Like many other university towns, Aarhus has a bustling nightlife. From Irish pubs to cocktail bars and jazz cafés, you can probably find a café or bar to fit your taste.

The ’Friday Bars’ at the University are also very popular when students are going out. Read more about the Friday Bars.

You may also want to check out the Aarhus Culture Guide for concert listings as bars often serve as musical venues. Culture Guide: and

There are a number of dance clubs around the city, where the admission is around DKK 60. The minimum age for these clubs varies from 19 to 23 years of age, although you may find that some venues have a much younger crowd.


There are four movie theatres in town that show movies in their original language with Danish subtitles. During the week there are student discounts and matinee tickets.


Aros is the main art museum in Århus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. In the downstairs area visitors can enjoy the major special exhibitions, with the 'nine rooms' presenting international installation art. The large halls on the upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. The museum also offers a restaurant at the top of the building as well as a café and a gift shop.

Aarhus Theatre
The Aarhus Theatre is worth a visit if only to take a look at its decorative facade and interior. Located near the Cathedral in the centre of town, it has five stages and its own theatre troop which gives performances from September to mid-June. The Aarhus Theatre gives students discounts on all performances - the tickets are half price for students. Remember your student id card.

You might also want to check out Musikhuset, the city’s Concert Hall. A wide range of performances are presented all year round from international pop concerts to ballet to performances by the city’s symphony orchestra.

Another option for musical entertainment is VoxHall on Vester Allé, which showcases music acts from around the world. A monthly program is distributed around the cafés in Aarhus.

Culture Guide
You can browse the Aarhus Culture Guide 'Kultunaut' for all kinds of cultural events taking place in Aarhus.