Danish Courses


Most Danes speak English quite well. Nevertheless, knowing some Danish – even just basic words – can be very useful. If you follow a Danish course you will not only learn Danish, you will also get to know more about the Danish culture, Danes and meet other international students. There is no doubt that taking a Danish course will benefit you in several ways and is in most cases also necessary if you want to look for a job.

AU strongly recommend that all international students follow Danish courses while studying at Aarhus University. We have several great and experienced language schools in Aarhus who all offer a multicultural learning environment for international students at Aarhus University.

Depending on the language school you can choose between day or evening courses, some Danish courses are also available as an online activity. Courses are targeted at both beginners and those who already have some knowledge of the Danish language. Some schools also offer Danish courses online before you start studying at Aarhus University. The different Danish courses have different time lines and different prices.

Please check out all the great offers, some are made especially for international students at Aarhus University. If you have any questions about a course, time, place or price please just contact the relevant language school directly.  


  • To develop new and unique language skills for your resume
  • To be able to apply for a student job or full time job
  • To get social with Danes
  • To expand your networking options
  • To make it easier to do groceries, find your way and go to the movie theater
  • To get to know much more about the Danish culture 
  • For fun! 



Linguista: Linguista offers a special programme for AU students, e.g. podcast lessons before arrival, where you get introduced to Danish language and culture, a pre-arrival one week long “Fast Track Danish,” and a 12 week programme of teaching after arrival. To get more details and see more great options visit their homepage.  

Lærdansk Language School:

Lærdansk has different great offers for you, both online pre-arrival options and blended learning courses after arrival. Check out the different options, and get many more details on how to sign up on their homepage.


International students at Aarhus University can receive the certified Danish Education at CLAVIS. The courses will be an addition to your life as a student in Denmark and classes can take place morning, afternoon, evening, during the weekends or online. Check out more details and how to sign up here


A2B offers both short Basic Danish Speaking courses, where you learn to handle everyday situations, and also the certified Danskuddannelse/DU, which is an intensive Danish course consisting of five modules. Courses begin on an ongoing basis, and they both focus on subjects relevant to your studies or profession and themes related to everyday life in Denmark, Danish society, culture and mind-set. To find more info and see new courses, please visit their homepage.