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The public communication network in Denmark is highly developed. The postal service is efficient and you can find a post office in all towns. You can buy stamps in kiosks and department stores. The mail boxes in Denmark are bright red and they are emptied four times a day.

Just as everywhere in the world, mobile phones are widely used in Denmark. If you plan on buying a new mobile phone, be aware that most companies offer six-month contracts. Check out CBB and Telmore. Otherwise, it is easy to buy a prepaid SIM card in kiosks or on the Internet. 

Pre-paid SIM cards

You can easily buy a variety of pre-paid SIM cards from kiosks such as the 7-Eleven and on the Internet. The most commonly used SIM card by international students in Denmark is Lebara, which offers low-cost calling outside of Denmark. Another pre-paid SIM card option is offered by Lycamobile.

Contract Mobile Phone

If you wish to purchase a contract mobile phone/SIM card, please note that you will first need to have your CPR number. By Danish law, phone contracts are originally for 6 months, and then are normally on a rolling month-by-month basis. There are a variety of phone companies in Denmark that offer various phone packages, and you can go to their shops on the high street, such as TeliaTelenor, TDC and 3.


Most residences have Internet connections and there is access to computers at your department and Internet access in all libraries. There is also wireless internet access at all the University campuses. In some towns, e.g. Viborg, and cities such as Aarhus and Copenhagen you can also find Internet cafés, though they are not common anymore. Some restaurants or cafés offer free wireless for a limited time period as well, but this should not be a permanent solution.


All international students in Denmark have to pay a media license fee, even if you are on exchange. This is paid to DR, the Danish national media service. You need to register with DR license within 14 days of moving to Denmark, whether you own, lease or borrow your appliances, and regardless of whether you make use of DR's services or not.

The Media License covers appliances such as TV sets, radios, video or DVD recorders, computers with internet access, mobile phones and similar electronic devices that also work as a television or radio receiver. The Radio License covers radios only.

Sadly there are no concessions for Danish or international students.

For more information, the price and to register, please go to their DR license website.


If you no longer have any of the mentioned appliances you need to cancel your license fee registration in writing asap. The cancellation takes effect from the day it is received by DR License and cannot be backdated.

Contact information:

DR Licens- og Programservice
Postboks 888
0999 København C

Tel: +45 7020 1313