DSB is the Danish railway network that runs to all regions of the country. You can get discount tickets, called DSB Orange, which are considerably cheaper than the regular prices. You can also purchase the so-called "ungdomsbillet" (youth tickets) if you are 16-25 years old or have a valid student ID. This way you will get a 25% discount on all tickets. You can buy either electronic tickets or paper tickets that you have to pick up at the railway station or print out.

For information on ticket prices and timetables, contact the DSB Customer Centre at +45 7013 1415 or book your tickets online.

Long distance coaches

There are a number of bus companies that offer transportation within Denmark and to larger European cities, two companies are FlixBus and Eurolines.

Journey planner

You can book your trip online by using the Journey Planner (Rejseplanen), which finds the possible travel options (buses and trains) when you type in departure and destination points. It is an easy way to plan your travels until you get an understanding of the transportation network. 



Cycling is the easiest way to get around in Aarhus. Everything is reachable within cycling distance and you can find bike facilities everywhere.  

Bike rental companies

It is possible to rent a bicycle for a shorter stay in Aarhus.

  • Companies such as bikes4rent and Cycling Aarhus offer special rates for students.
  • CIBI offers Offers rental of commuter bicycles in Aarhus.
  • Swapfiets offers rental bikes for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Donkey Republic – Find a bike near you and unlock with your phone/app. Price: DKK 25,- per hour

Second hand retailers

Many people sell bikes on Facebook - another possibility is to look for a second-hand bike on websites selling second-hand goods such as Gul & Gratis and Den Blå Avis (in Danish only).

Other options

Major supermarkets such as Bilka, Kvickly and Føtex offer new, but cheap bikes from around DKK 1,500. During summer, Aarhus provides city bikes which you can use free of change. You release the bike from its stand by depositing DKK 20, which you get back when you return the bike to one of the 58 designated parking places in the city. For further information, please see here.

City bikes can also be found in Viborg and Copenhagen.

Need a bike? Then, read detailed information about bike rental companies in this document. 


City buses

Midttrafik – the municipal bus company – runs the yellow buses in the city. The bus route number is indicated at the front and the back of the bus and the destination is displayed at the front and above the rear door. Aarhus is the only city in Denmark where passengers can enter and exit through all the doors since you cannot buy tickets directly from the bus driver.

Every bus is equipped with a ticket machine at the back or in the middle of the bus. You can purchase single tickets on the bus, as well as multi-ride tickets, as well as season cards if you are planning on taking the bus more frequently through the Midttrafik App.

Night buses operate after hours in the weekends. They are double the price of a regular fare, which means that if you are riding with a multi-ride ticket, you must buy two tickets on the app. Be sure to check the schedule since there are only a few bus routes at night and most only operate until 03.00 in the morning in the weekend and do not run all year round.

Read more details about travelling by bus in Aarhus.

Regional buses

Regional buses are run by the five regional bus companies in Denmark. The busses are usually blue. You enter the bus at the front and buy your ticket from the bus driver. Multi-ride tickets and season cards are much cheaper than ordinary tickets, and you can purchase them on the Midttrafik App. For more information, go to this page.


Because of the 25% VAT, cars in Denmark are very expensive. Add to that a high registration duty – 60–63 % of the market price – and you will understand why many people choose alternative means of transportation in Denmark.

If you wish to register your car in Denmark, you must do so within 14 days of your arrival in Denmark. Registration of vehicles is administered by SKAT, where you can also find rules and tax rates for imported cars. 

For further information, please see under Information > Information for jobseekers  > Life in Denmark > Transport > Car in Denmark

Do you need to convert your driving license?

Read more about foreign driving licenses.



Also in Copenhagen this is a very popular way of getting around.

If you want to buy a used bike, Københavns Hittegods (Lost Property in Copenhagen) holds a bike auction about every 14th day.

Address: Københavns Hittegods, Slotsherrensvej 113, 2720 Vanløse

For further information call (+45) 38 74 88 22

Alternatively, big supermarkets like Bilka, Kvickly and Føtex offer new but cheap bikes for around DKK 1,000.

Free City Bike: If you find yourself within the city area, you can get a hold of a free city bike (a 20 DKK coin deposit is required). Please note that the city bikes are not to be used outside the inner-city area.

Transportation by bus, train or metro

The best and easiest way to plan your trip in Copenhagen (and also in Denmark) is to use the Journey Planner website (Rejseplanen) which also has an English interface. It can combine both train and bus timetables as well as provide you with directions on how to get to a specific address (type your to and from addresses)


All bus timetables are available in the DSB offices situated at most train stations. Night buses crisscross the city from 1.00 am – 5.00 am.

Train (‘S-tog’ in Danish) in Copenhagen

S-trains extensively cover the city area and beyond. You can transfer to the Metro at some S-train stations. The train station near the university is 'Emdrup'.

The timetables of the S-trains can be found either via the Journey Planner at or at Railway System).


The Copenhagen Metro has two lines which run from suburban Vanløse in the western part of the Copenhagen area to either Vestamager or Copenhagen Airport, both situated on the island of Amager. The Metro is a fast and convenient way to get across town.

Check out Journey Planner Journey Planner (Rejseplanen) or the Metro's own website Metro's own website to find the timetables. 



Cycling is an easy way to get around in Herning. Everything is reachable within cycling distance and you can find bike facilities everywhere.

You can purchase a second-hand bike at the police auction held twice a year at Lillelundvej 26, 7400 Herning. Find the dates at the website of the Police in Central and Western Jutland.

Alternatively, big supermarkets like Bilka, Kvickly and Føtex offer new but cheap bikes for around DKK 1,000.


The station – Birk Centerpark – is located very close to the HIH campus and there is a bus stop right outside the campus main entrance. If you come by car it is easy to find a parking place.

Bus no. 5 and the “shuttle-bus” from the train station stop right outside the HIH campus.

Find timetables for urban busses in Herning.