Living in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and has a population of around 1.7 million. Copenhagen is a lively city with a wide range of cultural offers and leisure activities. It is also a very pitoresque city with quays and canals running through the centre as well as lots of parks and green areas, of which many have lakes. The city centre is largely traffic free, with old medieval buildings and pedestrians area where ‘Strøget’ is well known as the longest shopping street in Europe. Public transportation is very reliable, clean and fast, but you can go everywhere by the bike, too.

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The Royal Danish Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater)

The Royal Danish Theatre is an important cultural institution in Copenhagen. It has been located at Kongens Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen since 1748 when the theatre was established with royal patronage. Today the teatre has five stages located in different parts of Copenhagen and the Old Stage is the one situated at Kongens Nytorv. The theatre offers concerts, drama, ballet and opera. The theatre gives discounts on all performances to people under the age of 25 - the tickets are half price.


The Tivoli amusement park was founded in 1843 and thus carries a long history. Today, it is Denmark's most visited attraction, and offers a wide range of amusements. The park in itself is very beautiful with its abundance of flowers and lights which makes a visit to Tivoli a special experience. Tivoli also hosts many different concerts durring the summer season as well as it is famous for its Christmas market during December.

The Opera

The Opera is an opera and ballet house and serves as one of the stages of the Royal Danish Theatre. The Opera was inaugurated in 2005, and is known for its interesting architecture as well as stunning artwork and décor. The main stage of The Opera seats an audience of approx. 1500, and Takkelloftet, the experimental stage, seats an audience of approx. 200.

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Culture Guide

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Copenhagen has a bustling nightlife. From Irish pubs to cocktail bars, clubs and jazz cafés, you can probably find a place to fit your taste.

Copenhagen is famous for its liking to jazz music. Try visiting Copenhagen Jazz House, one of the oldest Jazz bars in the city. Every year in July, Copenhagen holds the famous Copenhagen Jazz festival. For more information, please visit

Clubbing starts rather late in Copenhagen. To name a few clubs that students frequent, Rust and Vega have long dominated the club scene in Copenhagen.

Universities organize Friday Bars and these are also very popular when students are going out. At the Friday Bars you get to mingle with other students (Danish and International students) while enjoying cheap beer and snacks. DPU has its own Friday Bar events with live music.

You may also want to check out the Copenhagen Culture Guide for concert listings as bars often serve as musical venues. Culture Guide: and


There are a number of cinemas (biograf) in Copenhagen that show movies in their original language with Danish subtitles. During the week there are student discounts.