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Packing for your stay in Denmark can be intimidating and time consuming, especially if you don't know where to begin. On this page, you will find pre-arrival information to help you prepare better for your stay. The pre-arrival information include a checklist of things and documents we highly encourage you to bring with you for your stay, some of which you will need for registration with authorities and others for your entire stay.

In the Pre-Arrival Guide found below, you will also find numerous tips that will help you prepare for your journey and help you remember important things you should bring with to Denmark. We highly recommend you read the Pre-Arrival Guide carefully as it provides essential information for your arrival in Denmark.


The online Pre-Arrival Guide offers information on travelling to Denmark, arrival procedures, learning Danish, AU Intro Days, things you need to bring with you to Denmark and other general practicalities.


Do you have some questions about the arrival process when coming to Aarhus? Check out this instructional video on what the registration process will be like when you arrive and register with the International Centre and Housing Office.

Find fellow students on Facebook

Are you excited to come to Aarhus, but also a little worried about meeting many new people and making new friends?

We have made it easier for you and put together two groups where you can meet other international students who are also coming to Aarhus this autumn.

For students coming to Aarhus on Exchange, please use join Facebook group

For students coming to Aarhus for a full degree please use join group