AU Student Ambassador Network

Whether you are an exchange student or a full degree student we encourage our international students to join our AU Student Ambassador Network. 

The programme connects international students from all disciplines and nationalities. And will give you insights into our marketing efforts to recruit new international students. 

Why should I become a student ambassador?

  • You get to help future students make the right choice and provide them with insights about what it is like to study at Aarhus University
  • You will meet other international students and staff at AU
  • You can add AU Student Ambassador to your CV

What do I sign up for?

We invite all new student ambassadors to a welcome session, where we will tell you about the programme, about Aarhus University, let you meet eachother and provide you with a free meal.

All student ambassadors will be invited to 3-4 sessions throughout the year where we meet for lunch or dinner and just have some fun and maybe learn a little about eachother and Aarhus University.

Furthermore the student ambassadors will be invited to different tasks thoughout the year like helping out at the AU Study Abroad Fair, Facebook Live events, focus groups for different purposes, Open Day for potential students - these are optional and you will not have to participate in all of them - only the ones that makes sense to you.

The little bonus

As an extra thank you we will provide all student ambassadors with a little gift bag with some AU mechandise and more.

How do I sign up?

Send an email to Gitte Bindzus Foldager - with your name, nationality, what you study, if you are an exchange or a full degree student and a few lines about why you want to join. Send them before 29 January 2020. 

Please note that you will need to be apple to attend an introduction lunch on either 31 January or 3 february from 11-13.