Studying at Aarhus University


Student counsellors are experienced students who advise other students in their department. This is the first place to go when you have questions, and they will be able to help or advise you on where to go for additional help. For more information about student counsellors, visit the Counselling page.


The aim of the Counselling and Support Centre is to provide special pedagogical support (SPS) to students with physical, mental or neurological disabilities (incl. dyslexia), so that they can complete their studies on equal terms with other students. Special pedagogical support may include aid tools, a mentor, a sign language interpreter, or practical help.

As an international student, you are eligible to receive SPS only if:

·    You have a documented disability that requires extra support in order for you to complete your studies

·    You are an EU/EEA citizen

·    You are a full-degree student (i.e. not an exchange student)

Exchange students and full-degree students from non-EU countries are not eligible to receive SPS. This does not mean that you cannot receive any support, but that you have to finance it from home and apply for it yourself. Contact the Counselling and Support Centre to find out more about your options.

If you are an international student with special needs, please contact the Counselling and Support Centre at Even if you are not eligible to receive SPS, the Counselling and Support Centre can still offer guidance and provide contact to relevant suppliers.


AU Studypedia is a free, online resource offered in both Danish and English. It outlines helpful study skills, standards and advice on how to write academic papers in Denmark, as well as helpful hints on finding information in DK. This is a very useful resource for international students to be academically successful, as standards in Denmark may be different from other countries.
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