Student Card

Ordering your student ID card

Your student identity card is your identification when you are on campus or need to document that you are enrolled at Aarhus University. Especially at exams it is important that you bring your identity card and you can also use it to get student discounts at museums, cinemas etc. The ID also functions as a keycard and gives you access to buildings outside normal hours.

At the beginning of your studies at AU it is important that you get a personal student identity card. It is only possible to get the card after you have been enrolled at AU and hence have been assigned a personal matriculation number. Enrolment of students is an ongoing process that starts after the application deadline.

To receive a student ID card you need to submit a photo through the AU Self-service. (Not if you are studying at DPU, Campus Emdrup - see below) When you have logged on to the system, you will find the form for submitting a photo under the heading Student ID/ upload photo.

Please note that you cannot order an ID card until you have been enrolled and have been assigned your student number. You will not be assigned a student number immediately after being admitted and confirming your student place, but only after you have been enrolled. Enrollments take place on an ongoing basis until commencement of studies.

Find your student number
When you have been enrolled, you can see your student number on the Self-service system, by logging in and going to Student Self-Service (STADS). Here your student number will be under “Enrollments” and “Person and address information”

Receiving your student ID card

After submitting a photo, you will normally receive the student identity card by mail after 1-2 weeks, but in busy periods (around commencement of studies) it might take longer.

Activating your student ID card

At the commencement of studies your student ID card must be activated and connected with a personal PIN number in order for it to function as a key card and give you access to the university buildings. You can find information about activating your student ID via the Subject portals.


To get a student ID card, you must submit a photo of yourself to Study Centre Arts Emdrup:

By e-mail: The picture must be attached as a jpg file with your CPR-number as the file name (no hyphen). Send the e-mail to

By regular post: Write your CPR-number on the back of the picture and send it to

  • Aarhus University
    Study Center Arts Emdrup
    Room A115
    Tuborgvej 164
    2400 Copenhagen NV.

In person: You can do this during the Study Centre’s office hours 10-14 (though closed on Wednesdays). Remember to put your CPR-number on the back of the photo.

You can pick up your student ID card at the Study Centre during office hours. As the cards also functions as a keycard, you must pick it up in person and have a personal pin-code made.

(DPU students in Aarhus order their ID cards and upload pictures through the Self-service)


Via the Self-service you should upload a resembling photo (*.jpg) with a maximum file size of 100 KB. The photo should be the size of a passport photo (breadth to length ratio 7:9) in either colour or black-and-white. This photo will the valid picture on your student ID card the whole time you study at Aarhus University and it cannot be replaced. Via the Self-service you should upload a resembling photo (*.jpg) with a maximum file size of 100 KB. The photo should be the size of a passport photo (breadth to length ratio 7:9) in either colour or black-and-white. This photo will the valid picture on your student ID card the whole time you study at Aarhus University and it cannot be replaced.  


The student card is valid throughout your period of study, as the card number is unique. You do not necessarily need to get a replacement if you have a card from previous study at AU. Students from the old ASB; however, need to order new cards via the Self-service.

Some students may experience problems with access to buildings, where the access control system has been replaced. In this case, you simply order a new card.

If you have studied elsewhere on the AU than in the past, just have your card activated, so you can get into the new buildings.


If your registered address is foreign or incomplete, the student ID card will not be sent to you by mail, but must be picked up at the International Centre. Students at Campus Herning can pick up their student ID card at the Campus Herning reception. You can check your address when you order your student card.

You will receive the student card when you come to the International Centre for the Sign-In procedures in August/September for fall semester or January/February for spring semester. If you order the card outside this period you will receive an e-mail from International Centre when your card is ready.

Campus Herning students will likewise receive an e-mail when their card is ready for pickup at the reception.

If your registered address is outside Denmark and you would like to have the card sent to this address, you must send an e-mail to and ask them to send it.

If you have a temporary Danish address, that has not yet been registered, you can add this temporary address on the Self-service (under “Enrollments” in the top menu and “Person and address information”). AU will then send your student card to this address, if the address is Danish. Remember to update this address when you have registered your permanent Danish address. This is done by changing the "Valid to" date on your temporary address in the Self-service. You can find more information on registering addresses on


The confirmation of enrolment includes information on what study programme you are enrolled in and when you started. The student card cannot in itself document that you are an active student at Aarhus University. To document this you need a confirmation of enrolment which you can print from the Self-service at all times. It is recommended that you always carry the updated version of the confirmation of enrolment with your student identity card.

Please note that your student identity card is valid as long as you have an active enrolment. If you switch to a different study programme, you will not get a new ID but your confirmation of enrolment will be modified.

How to find your confirmation of enrolment: After logging to, go to Stads Selfservice and click "Transcripts" in the top menu. There you will be able to generate and save/print your confirmation.


If you are enrolled at AU, you can reorder an ID card from the Self-service ("Student ID/upload photo"). You can reorder a maximum of 5 cards. 

Students at IUP Emdrup reorder student ID cards the same way as described above.


Questions concerning student cards should be sent to