Change of CPR number

When you receive your new (Danish) CPR number, please inform us by filling out the form below.

Remember to attach documentation of your new CPR number.
Valid documentation includes a scanned copy of your Danish health insurance card or your cpr certificate (letter or passport sticker).

When we have registered your new CPR number in our systems, you will be informed. Remember that you cannot log in to the Student Self-Service (STADS) using your new CPR number until we have changed it in our systems. It will take 2-3 workdays before all AU systems are updated with your new CPR number. This also applies to Digital Exam.

You can also contact us using the Serviceportal.

Webformular - CPR number change

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N.B. Please state your AU student e-mail address in the form (i.e. and NOT your private e-mail address.