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The Aarhus Boat Race

- UNIvers nr. 2 - 2011

Hurry up and make a date in your diary, because the ­annual Aarhus Boat Race in the University Park is just around the corner!

Survey of the study environment 2011

- UNIvers nr. 2 - 2011

The teaching environment of the degree programmes at Aarhus

University is being put under the microscope again.

Two months with the United Nations

- UNIvers nr. 2 - 2011

Study diary of an Englishman in New York ...

A world of difference

- UNIvers nr. 1 - 2011

Officially opening last week, the new Aarhus University International Centre caters to students’ needs – and then some.

AU-HIH students win Venture Cup

- UNIvers nr. 1 - 2011

Christian Thalund and Kristian Harley Hansen, both from the Institute of Business and Technology at Aarhus University (HIH), won this year’s Venture…

Tons of cake

- UNIvers nr. 1 - 2011

Have you got a really sweet tooth? If so, why not come along to the State and University Library for the annual “Heavy Cake Table”.