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2011.05.17 | Students

PhD: Probably a huge Difference

There are very few places in the world with a PhD structure like Denmark – and even fewer with a structure like Aarhus University

The Danish group D-A-D will play in the University Park on Friday 17 june.

2011.05.17 | Students

Concert in the University Park

On Friday 17 June a party is being held for all students and staff to celebrate the future of Aarhus University.

2011.05.17 | UNIvers nr. 6 - 2011

Network for AU alumni

You now have the chance to hang onto your past and create new opportunities for your future with AU’s alumnus network, called Gerda

2011.05.17 | UNIvers nr. 6 - 2011

Playing international politics in Singapore

In March, thirteen students from International and European Studies went to Singapore to represent AU at the Harvard World Model United Nations, the largest political role-play on the planet – and a student conference out of the ordinary.

"It’s really amazing. The rent’s gone down, and the number of people using the house has gone way up", says Anne Thorø Nielsen, Director of Studentus Århus. Photo: Roar Lava Paaske | AU Kommunikation.

2011.05.03 | UNIvers nr. 5 - 2011

An unlikely upgrade

Because of budget deficits, the Aarhus Studenterhus traded its spacious seaside address for a spot in a campus basement. The post-move consensus: the new place is better.

2011.05.03 | Students

Agriculture is popular

The Aarhus University Master’s degree programme in Agro-Environmental Management is proving to be highly attractive for students from abroad.

Photo: Roar Lava Paaske | AU Kommunikation

2011.05.03 | UNIvers nr. 5 - 2011

The Aarhus Boat Race

The University Park was filled to bursting point on Friday 29 April, with students fighting for glory in the traditional Aarhus Boat Race.

2011.05.02 | Talent development

Successful recruitment of foreign PhD students

The molecular biosciences departments at Aarhus University have been successful in recruiting talented foreign PhD students who contribute with extensive knowledge, new ideas and methods, exciting foreign culture and, above all, a contagious motivation.