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Marcia Allison and Jessica Navarro write from an outsider's perspective about Aarhus University and about what it's like to be a newcomer in a foreign country. Their blog provides a fresh viewpoint that Danes should enjoy as well. Photos: Roar Lava Paaske

2011.09.27 | Students

Introduction to life in Denmark

The life of a full-degree student is a challenging one – but it can also be entertaining. A new blog gives an account of some of the obstacles to be overcome.

2011.09.27 | Students

Second-hand bazaar at Studenterhus Aarhus

If you need new ideas and inspiration for your wardrobe, look no further. On Saturday 1 October Studenterhus Århus will host a second-hand bazaar, where it will be possible to purchase cheap clothes.

This Tuesday was "Bad taste party" with feathered masks and pink flowery. Every International Night will have a new theme or a new event. Photos: Roar Lava Paaske

2011.09.13 | Students

Full programme for international Tuesdays

Balkan Night, Language Exchange and Disco. Every Tuesday for the whole of the autumn, international students can meet at Studenterhus Aarhus – and Danes are welcome too!

Photo: Roar Lava Paaske

2011.09.13 | Students

Festivities for the students

The students had a full day of festivities when Aarhus University celebrated its anniversary on Friday 9 September.

2011.09.13 | Students

AU ambassador

Aarhus University is pleased to present a unique opportunity to our international students. We encourage you to join the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps - a nationwide Danish development programme for talented people from all over the world.

Brazilian Days

2011.09.13 | PhD Students

Brazilian Days 29-30 September

An exciting new program will take off at the end of this month hosted by Aarhus University's Brazilian Studies department!

2011.09.07 | Students

Denmark’s largest Friday bar and Sports day

Denmark’s largest Friday bar and Sports day takes places in the university park on september 9th 2011.

2011.09.13 | Exchange Students - Incoming

Folk University English Lecture Series

Folkeuniversitetet offers a series of lectures in English aimed for all people of all nationalities.

2011.09.13 | Exchange Students - Incoming

Would you like to improve your English while in Aarhus?

FOF Aarhus offers intensive courses in English, based on the Cambridge College First Certificate (B2 – upper level) and taught by a teacher who is English.

2011.09.01 | Students

Interested in Politics?

If you’ve noticed the many political flyers and signs covering the surface of Aarhus, it is because the Danish Parliamentary election 2011 (Folketingsvalg 2011) will take place 15 September.

[Translate to English:] Photo Bazar Vest

2011.09.01 | Students

Bazar Vest

Bazar Vest is a large multicultural shopping centre for Asian, Turkish and other speciality food and clothing items that you cannot find in downtown Aarhus. Open Tuesdays to Sundays and located in the West of the city, check out their website and visit the centre to pick up some alternative items.

Photo AU

2011.09.01 | Students

Secondhand Bazaar September 3, 12:00-15:00

On the first Saturday of every month, the Studenterhus hold a secondhand bazaar where you can find all sorts of goodies including clothes, books and more! Hosted at Stakladen from 12:00 until 15:00. Entrance is free.