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Delicacies were served by Studenterhusfonden
The lecture hall in the Nobel Park was packed at the information meeting

2012.09.05 | Students

Information meeting in the Nobel Park a great success

Around 240 students participated in the information meeting in the Nobel Park on 24 August, where they were introduced to their new study environment and the many changes in the coming semester.

2012.08.29 | Students

Studystart in master Linguistics

If you cannot wait to know more, this page contains some basic information for you about the first couple of days.

Wasting money on strange food products that you don’t like is definitely not much fun!This is exactly why Studenterhus Aarhus started its first International Tuesday with an introduction to Danish cuisine. Ordinary Danish cuisine. Fotos: Lise Balsby
The Danish Food Night was the first of a series of International Tuesdays at Studenterhus Aarhus – evenings designed for international students in particular, although Danish students are welcome too.

2012.08.28 | UNIvers nr. 9 - 2012

A guided tour of Danish cuisine

Pickled herrings, fried onions and koldskål. These were just a few of the Danish delicacies offered to new international students at the Danish Food Night at Studenterhus Aarhus.

2012.08.28 | UNIvers nr. 9 - 2012

Huge Friday bar and sports day

On 14 September from 10 am until late at night there will be a combined sports day and Friday bar in the southern part of the University Park to celebrate the university’s 84th birthday. On the great day there will be a variety of sports events and music, giving you the chance to get to know a selection of famous (and not-so-famous) Danish…

2012.08.28 | UNIvers nr. 9 - 2012

New database for PhD scholars

From 1 September onwards it will be easier for PhD scholars in Denmark to find relevant courses at Danish universities, thanks to a joint database for all the Danish universities which is being introduced on that date.“PhD scholars need to be able to find courses which suit their own particular research field, and a lot of these fields are…

2012.08.28 | Students

Welcome day for new master students

This is the introduction program for the new Department of Culture and Society students.

2012.08.23 | Students

Changes to Nobel Park

Many of the physical aspects of Nobel Park are to change over the coming year. The intention is to create shared areas that are both functional and inviting.

2012.08.23 | Students

Introduction for new students of MA and supplementary courses

Information about introduction and start of master- and supplementary courses is being sent out these days.

2012.08.08 | Students

The Student Counsellors and the Study Administration has moved

The Student Counsellors and the Study Administration at Business Communication has moved on July 26.

2012.08.08 | Students

The Student Counsellor's Office and the Study Administration have moved

The Student Counsellor's Office at Business Administration moved on July 26 and the Study Administration moved on August 17.