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2018.12.18 | Students

The dean’s Christmas message 2018

Johnny Laursen looks back at 2018 and hopes that all students and staff at the Faculty of Arts have a Happy Christmas.

Read more on the innovation project and info meeting in this flyer.

2018.12.14 | Students

Go for an innovation project in Silicon Valley

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are keen on innovation, and want to go to California? Then join the info meeting on January 8 and hear more about a five-month, fully financed innovation project in Silicon Valley.

2018.12.05 | Students

Free Skype for Business for students

Are you studying in Seville or San Diego, and do you need to have a meeting with your supervisor? Or does your study group need to hold online meetings? Now you can use Skype for Business for free.

2018.12.04 | Students

The Ministry of Employment’s prize paper competition

Did you write the best Bachelor Project or Master's Thesis about labour market policy?

2018.12.04 | Students

Student Conference (BISC): "Towards sustainable futures: Facing global challenges today"

2nd Bergen International Student Conference (BISC) - 28th and 29th of March 2019