Campus 2.0 for students

Aarhus BSS is expected to move its activities at Fuglesangs All to the new University City in the summer of 2025. This will gather all of the school’s activities in Aarhus across Nørrebrogade.

AU’s Campus 2.0 steering committee has just approved the tender documents that list the school’s needs and wishes in the new University City. This means that the tender process has now started. In the remainder of the year, negotiations will thus be conducted with the teams of contractors who have submitted a tender to undertake the project.

The school’s tender documents are based on the overall principles for Campus 2.0 - particularly the principles of securing physical proximity between researchers and students and opening the school and AU up to the outside world. Other guiding principles are to ensure a good academic environment, to support the teaching formats of the future and to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration.

The tender documents are also based on the status report, which was the result of the extensive consultation process at the school in autumn 2018. The report was approved by the university’s steering committee in November 2019.

What happens next?

When the participating teams of contractors have submitted their final tender proposals, these will be evaluated by an assessment committee, who will then select a winner. The assessment committee will consist of two or three representatives from Aarhus University and from FEAS and two professional assessors. The winner of the project is expected to be announced at the end of March 2021. With the contractor in place, the work of developing the campus of the future can begin.  

Throughout the process and towards the move, relevant forums and the departments will be kept informed.  In addition, information about the process will be communicated through this Campus 2.0 website.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions regarding Campus 2.0, please contact:

Henrik Friis Bach  
Tel.: +4593508418