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Student counsellor with a focus on well-being

Who are we?

We are eight student counsellors who focus on well-being. We all have training within this field. We have specialised in certain study programme, so contact the counsellor who knows your study programme.

How can we help?

You are welcome to contact us, if you face problems at your study programme or of a more personal nature. In case we are not able to help you, we can refer you to someone who can.

You can come to us for individual guidance sessions or if you need a process in which you can meet and talk to a student counsellor regularly for a longer period of time. The guidance sessions could e.g. focus on problems regarding completion, study delay, rules and regulations, exam anxiety, doubts about choice of study, etc.

If you have problems regarding courses or planning your study programme, we refer you to the students with academic insight acting as student counsellors.

We are all bound to professional secrecy which means that everything you tell us is confidential.

Student counsellors with a focus on well-being

Marie Louise Bro Pold, Economics & Management and Public Policy

Julie Drejer Kornum, Political Science and Social Science

Louise Palmgreen, Psychology and Corporate Communication & IT

Dennis Karlsen, Law and Commercial Law

Kathrine Raagaard Nielsen, Economics & Business Administration

Mette Bak Odder, all study programmes in Herning (BTECH)

Lene Birkegaard Pedersen, single subjects and part time study programmes

Lene Merete Pedersen, single subjects and part time study programmes (HD and MBA)

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