Career Guidance

Ellen Julin
Louise Toft Dalsgaard
Maria Linnet Jessen
Lene Erichsen
Mai-Lis Skotte
(counsellor in Emdrup)

We are ready to help you, if you are considering: 

  • Which job oppotunities do I have with my education?
  • How do I get a relevant student job?
  • How do I put my skills into words?
  • How do I get an exiting internship?
  • How do I write a resumé and job application? 
  • Or other questions about your skills or future job...

We offer career guidance about:

  • Career planning
  • Employer needs
  • Student job, internships and the first job after you have handed in you thesis
  • Competency assessment
  • Feecback on CV and job applications
  • Job interview
  • Internship
  • Network and LinkedIn

Career counseling in Aarhus

You book a career counceling by clicking the following link. Login using Your Au-id.

Please notice the following:

Due to Covid19, the career counseling is, for the time being, by phone or online meeting.

The counsellor will call you by phone on the time of your appointment. Here, you can arrange to transform the phone meeting into an online meeting. If you wish to do that, have both your phone and your computer ready for the booked time so that the transfer can happen as swiftly as possible.

If you need help booking an appointment, you are welcome to send us an e-mail with your name, phone number, education and the subject, you will like to receive guidance on.

Career counseling at Campus Emdrup

NB! The Career counseling is online (via Zoom)

You book the time using the following link. The career counselor Mai-Lis will send you a mail with the zoom link prior to the meeting. You loging via Aarhus Universitet.

Due to Covid19, the career counseling in Emdrup is, for the time being, by Zoom.

When you have booked an appointment, you will receive a Zoom-link prior to the meeting. Login via Aarhus University.    

If you are interested in learning more about ph.d's, then contact our ph.d. counsellor Vibeke Broe