CompanyDating at the Faculty of Arts


This is an event that gives you the chance to meet the labour market face to face. Many different types of company take part – and they look forward to meeting you.

These companies are ready to discuss student jobs, internships, writing your thesis in collaboration with them, and even full-time employment. You will get the chance to introduce yourself and ask questions about potential career opportunities, job functions, the kind of competences companies are looking for, and much else besides.

You can also meet a range of trade unions and unemployment insurance organisations, who can give you qualified feedback on your CV or applications. We will even offer to take a professional photo that you can use on your CV free of charge. And when you need a break, we will of course be serving coffee and cake.

We recommend that you prepare for this event so you get as much as possible out of the day. You will find some tips about how to prepare below.


To help you get as much as possible out of this event, we recommend that you do a bit of preparation. You will find some ideas about how to prepare for CompanyDating at the Faculty of Arts below.

  • You will be given the chance to meet a wide range of different companies – including companies which you might not think have any relevance for your specific degree programme. But the labour market for graduates in the humanities is a broad one. So try and keep an open mind about this. CompanyDating is an obvious opportunity to gain insight into various branches of business and job functions. It can help you learn more about the kind of labour market that is available for humanities graduates.
  • You will find an updated list of the companies taking part on the site used for registration. Try reading about these companies in advance, and think about how you can create value for them. For instance, you could use the preparation form.
  • Find out which relevant job adverts the companies are posting, and read them carefully. You will find these job adverts under the company profiles in the registration system.
  • Once you have filled in the preparation form, you’ll be ready to meet the companies.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile so it looks good!
  • And take part in Arts Karriere’s other events leading up to CompanyDating, so you know how to write an excellent CV (for instance).

Some employers prefer to receive a CV from you. So it’s a good idea to bring printed copies of your updated CV with you on the day. Other employers rarely look at printed CVs because their recruitment takes place online, so it’s also important to give a good impression of yourself and update your LinkedIn profile.

Linda Greve has five useful tips for anyone wanting to impress potential employers and generate interest among the companies taking part in CompanyDating.


This is what it was like

This is what it was like at this year’s CompanyDating.

39 companies and organisations took part, and about 700 students.