Career Kickstarter

Are you on the second, third or fourth semester of your Master’s degree programme at Aarhus University or the Danish School of Media and Journalism in the spring of 2020? And are you already wondering what’s going to happen when you finish your degree?

In collaboration with the Aarhus Job Centre, Aarhus University is now offering a course that will give you the basic tools you need to find a job. The course is conducted digitally, so you can do it whenever and wherever you like.

This is the right course for you if you want to know more about:

  • Producing a good application and CV
  • The latest recruitment trends
  • Identifying your competences and qualifications
  • Career planning
  • Identifying your dreams and career opportunities
  • Putting yourself in the frame for relevant jobs

You can sign up for one of two courses:

  1. Career Kickstarter – concrete, knowledge-based, modern job searching, with Konsulenthuset Ballisager.
  2. Sandbox, with consultant Martabolette Stecher.



These are both online courses, so you can choose to do them whenever it suits you. You should expect to spend a total of 5-10 hours on your course over the ten-week period. But don’t leave it too late – remember to allow for the approach of exams and the deadline for your thesis!

You will cover a wide range of topics, depending on which course you choose: producing a good application and CV, the latest recruitment trends, establishing contact with companies and institutions, identifying your competences and qualifications, career planning, identifying your dreams and career opportunities, and how to put yourself in the frame for relevant jobs. Webinars, events and workshops are also linked to the online courses.

Limited number of participants

There has been a great amount of interest in these courses in the past two semesters. The number of participants is limited, but there is a waiting list for both courses. And naturally, everyone who gets a place on one of these courses is also expected to complete it.