Bachelor's project

The specific regulations regarding Bachelor's projects vary from degree programme to degree programme. Please consult your academic regulations for information on when the Bachelor's project is placed in your degree programme, what the scope of it should be, how it should be prepared, and whether you have the opportunity to choose between different forms of examination.

Exam certificate

  • When you have completed your Bachelor's degree, you will receive an exam certificate. If you use e-Boks, your cetificate will be issued to your e-Boks.
  • Your exam certificate is the only original documentation that you have completed your degree programme.
  • If you have not received your certificate within two months, calculated from the date your last assessment is published, please contact the university. If you believe there are errors in your certificate, please contact the university.
    (The month of July is not included in the calculation of the two months.)
  • You can print a transcript of records from (Self-service) to document your degree programme until your certificate is ready.