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Thesis submission statement - School of Education


  • The form "Thesis submission statement" is used to allocate co-examiner.
  • Submit the form 6-8 weeks before handing in your thesis. Otherwise the university can not meet the 6 weeks deadline for marking.
    External examiners will be booked from the date you have written in the form, it is therefore important that you are completely realistic with your date of submission.  
  • Do not submit the form if your thesis is not handed in within the prescribed deadline. Follow step 9 in the Step-by-step-guide instead.

Tilkendegivelse af aflevering af specialet - DPU (EN) 2

Thesis submission statement, EDU
The thesis is submitted as
Examination form*

Write one to three keywords that describe your thesis. Please pick the keywords in cooperation with your thesis supervisor. The Co-examiner is chosen by these keywords. Find your keywords here.

Digital Exam opens 5-7 days before your submission deadline

Does your thesis involve cooperation with an external partner?*
Would it be okay if we publish the name of your degree programme and the name of the organisation/company on to inspire other students?
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