Master’s thesis collaboration through the eyes of the employer

Which challenges in your company have been addressed through a collaboration on a Master’s thesis with a student from the Faculty of Arts?

Our aim at Journl is to strengthen and simplify the collaboration between patients and clinicians in the healthcare sector through a digital data-based support tool. Working with a student from the Faculty of Arts on the production of a Master’s thesis based on both scientific evidence and a qualitative study has given us more knowledge about how our user group can be motivated to follow the recommendations on medication, diets or lifestyle changes more carefully in the course of their treatment. We wouldn’t have had the resources to carry out such a comprehensive study. We have taken a fresh look at our platform and gained new inspiration for how we can improve it.

How do you decide which project you can collaborate on with a Master’s thesis student?

We try to match the student’s wishes and competences with specific projects or challenges we’re facing. For us, it’s essential that the students write about something they are passionate about and take responsibility for. This will produce the best results for both parties.

What do the students gain from writing their Master’s thesis in collaboration with you?

We give the students specific projects to work on, and expect that we can actively use their Master’s thesis in our product development or marketing. This way, the students also feel that their work has a specific purpose. At the same time, they get a taste of what awaits them if they get a job in a start-up company after graduation.

What is in it for you to collaborate with a student?

It gives us a theoretic and academic basis as a supplement to our own experience. It typically also brings us new inspiration which can turn our development in a new direction.

What are the challenges in relation to collaborating with a student on a Master’s thesis?

We always try to find time for the students and to make this a priority, but it can be challenging when we’re busy at the office. Therefore, it’s important that the students are independent and proactive in their collaboration with us.

What is your best advice for students who are considering writing their Master’s thesis in collaboration with a company?

The ideal situation is when the students have a clear vision for their Master’s thesis or, alternatively, develop a clear vision when they have gained insight into our company and current projects. We are happy to inspire them, but the students must have a vision of their own and a burning passion for the subject.