A career abroad

An academic job abroad offers many exciting opportunities to get to know another country and to gain valuable experiences that you can use in your future career. Your job opportunities as a new Master’s graduate increase dramatically if you expand your job search internationally. But it can also be confusing to look for a job abroad.  You therefore need to draw on all the knowledge and expertise available to you.

Arts Careers has gathered all the information that can help you on your way to working abroad. 



Could you imagine embarking on a challenging career in a dynamic setting? 
EU Careers is always looking for people who are not afraid of a challenge and who would like to make a difference in Europe. 

EU institutions offer ambitious and talented people an international career. When you join EU Careers, you take the first step of a long-term career that could lead you anywhere. You will work in a dynamic and international setting in the heart of Europe, and you will have responsibility from your first day on the job.

EU Careers works for 500 million people in the 27 EU countries, so you can expect a unique perspective – and the opportunity to make a lasting difference.

You can apply for an entry-level job and begin your European career if you:

  • Are in the final year of your degree programme
  • Have just taken your exam

EU Careers often also employ:

  • Graduates with experience in industry
  • Administrative staff
  • Experienced specialists within a range of fields
  • Translators
  • Interpreters

As an employee in an EU institution, you can use your particular skills within analysis, organisation and communication in many different settings.  You aim for the best possible results, and you work smoothly and efficiently as a part of a multi-cultural team. You enjoy learning and acquiring new knowledge, skills and language proficiency. In the positions for academics, you can also show leadership and motivate others to achieve results.

Read more on the EU Careers website, where you can find information about job profiles, EU institutions and agencies, and the job application process.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact the EU Careers ambassador in Aarhus, Mette V. Hyldgaard.



You can receive unemployment benefit (‘dagpenge’ in Danish) for up to three months to look for a job in one of the following countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus. You just need to follow the country’s rules for job-seeking, availability and unemployment benefit during the period you are away. We always recommend that you contact your A-kasse (your unemployment insurance fund) before you travel to ensure that all the practical details are in order.

You need to meet the following conditions to claim unemployment benefit while you look for a job:

  • You must complete an application form, which you can get from the job centre or from your A-kasse.
  • You must be an EEA citizen.
  • You must be a member of a Danish A-kasse.
  • You must fulfil the general conditions for the right to claim unemployment benefit at the time of your departure.
  • You must have your address and residence in Denmark up to and including the time of your departure on your application.
  • You must have been registered at the job centre as full-time unemployed and have been available to work for at least four weeks after you were last unemployed. This does not apply if you wish to work in the Faroe Islands


You can receive unemployment benefit for five calendar days if you need to attend a job interview abroad. You just need to apply before you travel.  

In order to apply for this financial support, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be aged between 18 and 30
  • You must either be a citizen of one of the 27 EU countries or
  • You must have legal residence in one of the 27 EU countries.

In order to receive financial support to attend a job interview, it is important that you apply for it. The company must sign to say you will attend an interview for a job with a duration of at least six months. The form must be approved by the Employment Office (‘Beskæftigelsesforvaltningen’ in Danish).

If you find work in an EU country, it is also possible to get financial support to help you relocate.


It is possible to be employed in a subsidised-salary job abroad. In this way, you can gain international experience and increase your chances of getting a permanent job abroad.

The conditions for getting a subsidised-salary job abroad are:

  • that the company has its head office in Denmark
  • that your employment is voluntary
  • that the salary and working conditions are in accordance with a Danish collective agreement
  • that you will return to Denmark

In order to explore your options for a subsidised-salary job abroad, you can either contact Danish companies with international departments yourself or ask your local job centre to arrange the contact for you. In either case, the job centre has to approve both you and the company for a salary subsidy.  You can contact your local job centre to find out more about your options for a subsidised-salary job abroad. 

You can read more about financial support for job-seeking abroad at AKA and MA.



Graduateland has developed a job site for students and new graduates. Here you can get an overview of your career opportunities - both local and international. You will find guides to finding a job abroad, writing a CV, applying for a job and much more.  




CENET is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and international exchange. CENET administers the International Intern, International Trainee, and Work and Travel Programs for non-US students interested in an experience within the United States.


Big beyond

Our unique and eye-opening programmes in Uganda are ideal for undergraduates and graduates willing to share what they’ve learnt through their degrees within development and conservation initiatives. In return they'll get hands-on experience in their field and also learn how transferrable their skills can be.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark provides ongoing information on international job adverts and entrance exams for large international organisations (especially the EU), and it posts news about international career opportunities.  


Internship Makers

The site helps students to find international internships in a variety of destinations including London, Malta, Paris, Madrid, New York, Barcelona and Australia.



Before you travel to China for an internship or for your first job, it could be a good idea to join relevant networks, whether in relation to practical matters, social arrangements or potential career opportunities.



This job site enables you to search for international full-time jobs and work placements.

Denmark-America Foundation and the Fulbright Commission

The Denmark-America Foundation and the Fulbright Commission offer grants, internships and study guidance for Danes and Americans interested in studying at university level, internships as part of their education, and study guidance about Denmark and the USA.



ISPO arranges overseas placement opportunities to European Union students in a variety of industries across the UK. We have good professional credibility, with years of experience of successfully matching overseas students to quality UK placement job opportunities.


Global placement

Global Placement is one of the largest international networks with work placements supported by the EU Commission. Here you can find over 1000 different work placements within several different study fields and job sectors. 


EU Careers

There are many different career opportunities in the EU, whether work placements, project assignments or full-time positions.  We particularly encourage international business communication students with a translator/interpreter profile or a European Studies profile to explore the job opportunities in the EU.


Animafest Experience

Since Animafest Experience was created 15 years ago, more than 5000 students have benefited from our services and have come to Spain to do internships or professional missions.Each year, we have more and more positions available thanks to partnerships we have with more than 250 hotels and resorts.


Wikijob UK

Wikijob place hundreds of European Students into UK businesses every year on work placements/internships. They offer universities and students an easy, secure and free way to internationalisation, and undergraduates gain essential work experience to complete their Degree or Masters.



It is the bridge between students and graduates, universities and employers across Europe. Graduateland has one goal: To make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for!  


Entrypark is an international job bank that makes it possible to look for new education opportunities, work placements, student jobs and full-time positions.


Academic Positions is the European career network for academics, researchers and scientists. We make your life easier as a candidate by providing you with a wealth of job opportunities and employer presentations from organisations all over the world. Academic Positions has 14 national portals, jobs in over 600 fields and over 10,000 job postings each year.


Dream Careers

It is the premier internship program provider, offering thousands of internships from the most coveted companies. Create your own internship success, by taking advantage of our internship placement guarantee. 


The intern group

Driving innovation in education and advancing careers through international internship programs in London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Madrid & Latin America



Frontier Economics is a leading economics consultancy and a unique place to work. They are looking to recruit exceptional economists. 


If you want to do your project placement abroad, you can travel with Erasmus and apply for a project placement scholarship that will help to cover some of your expenses.

Read more about Erasmus