Being an entrepreneur and starting your own company is a career opportunity which a lot of students and graduates fail to consider. Perhaps this is because being an entrepreneur involves a big leap of faith. You often have to abandon the kind of safety net and stable working life enjoyed by salaried employees (a regular salary, pension contributions and sickness pay). But even though entrepreneurship can be a risk in many respects, there are also a great number of advantages.

For instance, you have far more influence on your working life. To a large extent, you can decide when and where you want to work, as well as what kind of tasks you want to take on. This gives you a unique sense of freedom which most people value highly. Being your own boss and having the chance to follow your own dreams and ideas gives a lot of people great satisfaction. These benefits mean that people are willing to accept a variable salary and less job security. Many people start their own companies because they have spotted a unique opportunity in the market based on consumer behaviour or new technology, for instance.

Arts Karriere has put together a list of organisations which can help your career as an entrepreneur to take off.



AU Entrepreneurs

AU Entrepreneurs help you to handle the challenges involved in running your own company while you are still a student. They can give you individual advice and assistance relating to planning, study flexibility, personal support schemes and information about entrepreneurship options at AU.

Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark awards funding each year for new initiatives which create growth and jobs through the application of knowledge. The fund has the courage to Invest in your project even when other people may not appreciate its potential yet. InnoFounder is Innovation Fund Denmark's 12-month, designdriven incubator. It's a unique opportunity for new graduates with an innovative idea for entrepreneurship.

The Kitchen AU

The Kitchen AU gives you the chance to find out whether you really want to be an entrepreneur. They can help you to start your own company, develop an idea and give you feedback about it, and find people who have their own ideas but lack the knowledge you possess. You get free access to a personal coach, entrepreneurs cafés and expert knowledge, project workplaces in professional office environments, and networks of students who are interested in entrepreneurship. 

Plougmann & Vingtoft

Plougmann & Vingtoft can help you deal with operational, tactical and strategic tasks when it comes to protecting company inventions - all the way from administering your rights to IPR strategies.

Business Development Centre Central Denmark

This centre gives you the chance to create plans for growth and turn challenges into opportunities. This service is granted free of charge. A strong team of independent growth consultants can help you to identify your business opportunities. You can draw on their specialist knowledge; and they will open doors leading to a broad Network of consultants who can implement your plan for growth.

Venture Cup

Venture Cup works to inspire and empower university students and researchers to develop their ideas into successful companies. 


CAPNOVA is an investment and Development company that provides capital, sound business experience and a strong network to turn innovative ideas into succesful companies.