We collaborate with

We collaborate with a wide range of trade unions, unemployment insurance schemes, companies and organisations. This collaboration covers many different areas, such as:

  • Internships
  • Student jobs
  • Project collaboration
  • Thesis collaboration
  • Cases in teaching
  • Events and presentations involving Companies

Arts Karriere is always looking for new opportunities for collaboration which can help to increase the career opportunities and career competences of students at the Faculty of Arts. If you want to learn more about collaborating with a company, or if you need more information about anything else, please feel free to contact Arts Karriere. 

The students at the faculty represent a broad range of different subjects, which is why we collaborate with a similarly broad range of different companies and organisations. Here are just a few of the partners we work with.   

Collaborating with trade unions and unemployment insurance schemes

At Arts Karriere we work closely alongside relevant unemployment insurance schemes and trade unions. They know a lot about their members, and about the labour market which awaits our graduates. They also contribute their know-how in the form of studies and statistics, helping to add a further level of detail to our work and knowledge.

Students can meet them at various locations around the campus. See where and when here.

We collaborate with:


Collaborating with business councils and job centres

We collaborate with local business councils and special-interest organisations. They have direct contact in their local regions and great insight into local companies and their needs, so they are key points of access to companies when it comes to arranging specific collaboration agreements.

We collaborate with: