Corona information from the Faculty of Arts

Covid-19: Handling of surge in infection

29 November 2021

Parliament has introduced new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, on the background of the parliamentary epidemic committee’s approved of the ministerial epidemic commission’s recommendation. 

This means that from Monday 29 November, all students, staff and visitors to Aarhus University must be able to present a valid Covid passport at all of the university’s locations.


Guidelines for staying on campus

11 August 2021

You are free to access and stay on campus if you comply with the guidelines:

  • If you want to use a vacant room for group work, on line exams or similar, you must book the room (even if you are outside the room and can see that it is vacant. Cleaning staff must be able to see in the systems that the room has been in use).
    How to book vacant classrooms and group rooms

Student-run events

18 August 2021

The study areas and classrooms at the Faculty of Arts may once again be used for both academic and social events as per normal procedure. Student-run activities must end at midnight (12AM). 


How do I request to host an event?





The special corona guidelines for stays on campus must be complied with:

In addition, preventive measures in the form of ventilation, cleaning of contact surfaces, disinfection of hands, etc. are encouraged.


For events with alcohol

Friday bars and other events with alcohol can once again take place as per normal procedure.

Note that 1) events with alcohol can only take place on fridays and 2) events must end at midnight (12AM). 

Remember that events with serving of alcohol require an alcohol license.


Lecture participation in the autumn 2021

8 July 2021

It has been decided that the attendance requirement in connection with classroom participation does not apply in the autumn of 2021.

Instead, you must meet the requirements for classroom participation by taking part in the activities set by your teacher at the start of the course cf. the curriculum.


Covid-19 is regarded as an ordinary disease

At the winter exam 2021-22, Covid-19 will be considered a disease in line with other diseases. In other words, you will not have any special opportunities or rights if you fall ill with covid-19 in connection with an exam.


If your stay is interrupted or you cannot go abroad

15 July 2021

Due to the coronavirus situation, a number of planned study periods abroad are unfortunately not possible. This may be your host university, who cancels, or yourself, who, for one reason or another, does not want or can go abroad.

If you return from your period of study abroad or if you have not been able to go abroad, you will have the opportunity to register for teaching and exams at AU, even though the semester has already started.

Your options regarding an alternative course depend on your academic regulations and the specific range of courses in the autumn semester.

If you wish to cancel your period of study abroad and to be registered for courses at AU, you must notify us by submitting an application for exemption via

In the "What are you applying for" field, just write "I interrupt my study abroad in the fall semester 2021 and want to be registered for the teaching at AU".

You do not need to attach documentation.

Once we have received your application, you will receive an email with information about which courses you have been registered for.

If you are unsure about which courses you can be registered for, please contact Study Centre Arts.

Options for AU students going on exchange

15 July 2021

If you have received pre-approval of international electives on the third semester of your Master’s degree programme, but do not have the opportunity to complete your stay as a result of Covid-19, you will be able to take courses offered at a Danish university instead in autumn 2021.

If you wish to make use of this option, you must apply for a change of your advance approval via the form at

The courses at the Danish university must live up to the requirements stated below for ' International electives ':

  • The courses must be within the programme's most important subject area and must meet the requirements for progression and coherence to the knowledge, skills and competences accumulated during the first year of the Master's degree programme.
  • The international electives must also include elements that are thematically or methodologically relevant to the student's Master's thesis on the 4th semester of the Master's degree programme.
  • The student must be able to participate actively in an academic educational environment in which the teaching must take place in English or another foreign language.

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