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Workshop about your Master’s Thesis writing process

Do you need help to handle your Master’s Thesis process?

This event is designed for students who will be writing their Master’s thesis in the spring of 2019. Sign up for a one-day workshop about YOUR thesis writing process and get some tools to use in planning the months of work required from start to finish.

At this event you will gain:

  • Tools for structuring and planning your thesis process and an overview of the phases you will go through
  • Insight into the framework of thesis supervision and knowledge about how you can seize your thesis supervision
  • The possibility of reflecting on what a good thesis process is to you

And get to meet a former thesis student who will give you some advice for your following process.

The event is designed for students in Aarhus from all three schools at the Faculty of Arts:

  • The School of Communication and Culture (CC)
  • The School of Culture and Society and (CAS)
  • The Danish School of Education (DPU)    
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