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Bachelor's supplementary subject

To be eligible for admission to a Bachelor’s supplementary subject, it must be possible to combine your central subject with a supplementary subject. You will find information about this in the academic regulations for your central subject.

A supplementary subject equals 45 ECTS-points and takes place during the last year of the bachelor’s degree. In order to be admitted to a supplementary subject, you have to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree programme at a Danish university that allows for a combination with a supplementary subject.

As a student at The Faculty of Arts, you have some special opportunities:

Self-designed supplementary subjects abroad

If you are considering a study abroad period as part of your supplementary subject, you can read more about the rules and conditions for ITTU here:

Supplementary subjects which can be transferred

Instead of doing a supplementary subject at Aarhus University, you can do an entire supplementary subject at another university in Denmark. This is called doing a transferred supplementary subject. You must always apply for approval of this kind of supplementary subject.

Please note that this is only possible for students at the Faculty of Arts.

Rules regarding transferred supplementary subjects

  • The transferred supplementary subject must consist of exactly 45 ECTS credits.
  • The transferred supplementary subject must be based on academic regulations, a range of supplementary subjects or a study programme which has been approved by a board of studies or similar body.
  • The transferred supplementary subject must be from outside the academic area of your main subject.
  • You may not apply for admission to one of Aarhus University’s own supplementary subjects if you have applied for approval of a transferred supplementary subject.

This is how to apply

  • You must apply for approval of transferred supplementary subjects at using the form for advance approval. Remember to enclose the academic regulations for the transferred supplementary subject concerned. This form is also used for other types of advance approval, so there may be fields that are not suitable for your application. You can attach an explanation of your application in a separate file if you think the application will otherwise be unclear.
  • You can apply for advance approval for several transferred supplementary subjects, but naturally you are only allowed to choose one of them. Please remember to notify the person who has issued your advance approval about which of the advance approved supplementary subjects you choose.
  • You must apply for credit transfer of your completed courses each semester. You must use the form for credit transfer at and attach documentation for your results, for instance a copy of your exam certificate.
  • The deadline for applying for advance approval of a transferred supplementary subject is 15 February.
  • Please check the deadlines for applying for admission to the university at which you intend to do a transferred supplementary subject.


What do I do if my transferred supplementary subject does not get off the ground?

  • If your transferred supplementary does not get off the ground, you can apply for admission to one of the supplementary subjects at the Faculty of Arts which still has vacancies.

Will my marks be transferred automatically to AU?

  • No. You must send us your exam results from your transferred supplementary subject. You can do this by using the form for credit transfer at You must enclose official documentation of your marks, for instance a copy of the transcript of records or an exam certificate.
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