Humanistic innovation

This course requires you to work in groups with a specific problem statement that you choose yourselves. You learn by organising and entering into cross-disciplinary, creative working processes and developing specific proposals for solutions which create value on a broad labour market.

Teaching and project work

The course involves teaching, presentations and project work in cross-disciplinary groups.

The teaching gives you an introduction to modern and classical theories in the fields of creativity and processes of innovation. You will also be introduced to theory and tools that equip you to take part in cross-disciplinary collaborations and work with facilitation and project management.

The project work takes its point of departure in a question of general relevance which is defined by an external stakeholder or partner. During the course of your project you and the other group members will develop a problem statement based on this general question, and you will work together to collect theoretical and practical knowledge for use in finding your proposed answers.

The course teaches you to use your academic competences in a different field of study, and you will discover how your academic knowledge and competences can be used in cross-disciplinary collaborations and create value on a broad labour market.


The exam consists of a portfolio which documents the project work – including your investigations, the things you have included and omitted, and the results achieved.

You can read more about the exam in the course description in AU’s course catalogue.