Exam registration for professional masters' students

As a master, single-course or part-time student, you are registered for the exam in the semester for which you have registered for courses.  f you do not pass your exams during the ordinary period, you can register for the re-examination, which will typically take place in February in the autumn semester and in August for the spring semester.  The deadline is stated in your exam timetable.

If you have not passed your exam in the period during which you registered for the course, or if you are considering withdrawing from the exam, it is important that you contact the Study Centre  Arts so that we can inform you of your possibilities for taking your exam and completing your degree programme.

You can withdraw from your exam in due time until one week before the first day of examination. The deadline for withdrawal is stated in your exam timetable. You can withdrawal from your exam via the self-service system at mit.au.dk.